Mom in jail for starving children!

Mom in jail for starving children!

Mom jailed for six years for starving and beating her children!

Parents jailed for kids skipping school

Mom jailed for starving children

Just when we thought that excessive gambling has done enough damage to families, an Australian mom has been jailed for neglecting her children while she spent her family’s welfare money on gambling and cigarettes!

The court handed down the jail sentence of six years to the mom for beating and starving her children. Sometimes, they were even made to stand against the wall the whole day and beaten if they could not stand straight. One of her children has been diagnosed with hypothermia and the the rest are in protective custody.

It is said that the mom was abused as a child but most feel that it is no excuse for abusing her children. theAsianparent too agrees with this view. We feel sorry for the children and hope that they are in better care now.

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