Miracle twins born 87 days apart

Miracle twins born 87 days apart

3 months is a long time but it definitely seems arduously long if you’re waiting to give birth to your second twin. Find out more about this miracle pair of births.

Miracle twins born 87 days apart

Amy and Katie Elliot — Twins born a staggering 87 days apart

When Irish mum Maria Jones-Elliot held her newborn baby in her arms, the feeling was not one of jubilation but surprisingly something “achingly bittersweet”. Upon delivering her tiny 24 week premature baby, Maria’s other child, its twin, was still struggling to survive in her womb.

Double trouble

Elated and excited, Maria was thrilled when she first found out that she was conceiving twins. The pregnancy was smooth-sailing until Maria’s water broke and she went into labour barely 4 months later. At just 24 weeks old, her twins were severely premature.

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The risk of such premature births, in addition to the fact that she was carrying twins, forced doctors to predict a grim outlook with low survival for the births of her babies, a devastating blow that struck this mum hard.

Waterford Regional Hospital

The Waterford Regional Hospital in Ireland was where Maria and her daughter Amy waited for the unborn Katie

After a tedious labour of two days, little Amy was born but was dangerously premature at just slightly over 530 grams. The 24 week old baby was rushed to the intensive care ward and even though Maria was exhausted, she knew she had to focus to deliver Amy’s twin.

Shockingly, Maria’s contractions stopped and doctors were speechless that Amy’s twin could not be delivered. They tried inducing Maria’s labour the next day but when it failed, the family decided it was safer to “let nature take its course”. It was the start of the intense three month wait for the unborn twin, Katie.

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Awaiting a miracle

As Maria spent the next few anxiety-stricken weeks waiting for the birth of her second twin, she visited her premature baby daily and prayed for her twin still in the womb. Maria vowed that she would only leave the hospital if she had both her girls safe with her. The incubator was Amy’s womb and her twin Katie continued growing in her mother’s womb.

Five weeks later, Amy was strong enough to be held by her mother and as Maria tenderly carried her daughter, Katie in the womb reacted as if she knew her sister was there. As she knew that she could go into labour at any moment, Maria was constantly praying for a miracle to happen.

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Maria and her twins Amy and Katie

Healthy babies — Maria’s miracle twins born 87 days apart

Double happiness

On 27 August 2012, Maria was induced into labour after the doctors believed it was safe for the mother and child. After just over an hour of labour, 36 week old Katie was born and weighed a healthier 2.5 kilograms. Maria cried with relief after the medical personnel assured her that newly born Katie was fine.

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When the twins were put side by side, Amy smiled as if she recognised her sister. They finally had their births registered, after quite a stir because of their three month gap as twins, and the mum who went through 87 days with both a baby and a bump was set to go home soon.

Maria Jones-Elliot's family

Maria, Chris and their children (Top from left Olivia and Jack; Bottom from left Amy and Katie)

Where there’s life, there’s hope

The family revealed that the girls deserve their own first birthdays in June and August respectively, but as they grow older they might start to celebrate it together. Mum Maria and Dad Chris are extremely grateful for their two beautiful daughters, who are younger sisters to their older children, 13-year-old Olivia and 11-year-old Jack.

Their amazing story of the miracle twins touches the heart of many although the family still finds the happy ending very surreal. Overwhelmed by thankfulness and relief, Amy and Katie’s parents are overjoyed to be able to safely bring their babies home.

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