Miracle baby born despite hit-and-run: How do we prevent this from happening?

Miracle baby born despite hit-and-run: How do we prevent this from happening?

A baby boy was miraculously born on Christmas eve despite hit-and-run which took his mother's life. Here are some safety measures on how we can prevent this from happening to you and your family.

Karla Y. Leanos, 26, the mother of three and seven months pregnant, was killed when she crossed a street in Chicago, 4200 block of West Ogden Avenue. Emergency responders were able to deliver her miracle baby boy, whose condition reportedly stabilised on Christmas Day and who is expected to survive.

The driver, Silvestre Garcia, 22, did have a green light, but police say he was travelling fast and didn't have time to stop. He immediately fled the scene. He was charged with two felonies—DUI and leaving the scene of an accident causing death—and two misdemeanour DUI counts, along with being cited for driving with an open alcohol container and having a defective windshield.

What can we take from this incident?

Here are vital safety measures to prevent this from happening to our families:

  • Do not drink and drive! This is the most crucial rule everyone should abide by and not take lightly the importance of safety. Imagine one of your families being the victim of drink-driving, how would you feel?
  • Never jaywalk. It may seem like the car is far from sight and is safe to cross, but you'll never know the  actual speed of the car from where you are standing. As wreck-less drivers are everywhere, never take for granted the importance of safety for you and your baby.
  • Look left and right for cars even if you've got the green light in favour. There's no harm in being extra safe.
  • If you're driving your family, ensure all passengers have fasten their seat belts. Many passengers tend to dismiss the importance of a buckled seat belt when seating at the back of a car, especially in Singapore. Often, back-seat passengers in taxis can be seen with their seat belts unbuckled.


Comment and share below your safety road rules so other families can be fully aware!


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Brenda Loo

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