MindChamps PreSchool at Fusionopolis

MindChamps PreSchool at Fusionopolis

MindChamps PreSchool is the leading choice for early childhood education among many parents in Singapore. Keep reading to know more about MindChamps PreSchool at Fusionopolis.

MindChamps PreSchool at Fusionopolis

At MindChamps PreSchool at Fusionopolis, their child-centered inquiry-based core curriculum program is focused on the little Champs.

The program gives kids ample opportunities to be involved in discussions and experience various hands-on activities. This is done with the intention of sparking their interest and curiosity to conduct their own explorations.


Besides the core curriculum program, MindChamps PreSchool at Fusionopolis also advocates and inculcates the 10 characteristics of a MindChamps PreSchooler.

These are great values that instill the love for learning in kids and help shape them to become Champions in their own right.

The curriculum

MindChamps PreSchool at Fusionopolis focuses on creating champion learners of the future and instilling the love for learning in them. The integrated curriculum nurtures Champs to be confident and inquisitive learners.

MindChamps believes that every learner should possess the 'Champion Mindset' as researched by Professor Emeritus Allan Snyder (founder of Centre for the Mind).

A Champion Learner is not simply good at learning — he or she is also passionate about discovering new things, and has a desire to understand what makes things work.

A unique playground


A unique feature of MindChamps PreSchool at Fusionopolis is its indoor playground, which is just like bringing the outdoors inside the building!

Like the outdoors, the playground has excellent natural lighting. It is surrounded by a full-length glass window where the Champs can get their daily dose of sunlight.

This cool playground is divided into 2 areas.

There is the active play area that consists of a play structure with slides, a tunnel, a climbing feature and a movable see-saw, as well as a large space where kids can work on their gross motor skills.

If the little Champs want to get involved in some pretend play or have quiet time alone or with some friends, they could retreat into the cozy play house area. With its soft carpet flooring, the playground is both safe and fun!


Connecting with parents

MindChamps PreSchool at Fusionopolis believes in positive teacher-parent partnerships.

Teachers work very closely with parents regarding their Champ's progress. The Champ’s special moments and progress are shared with parents through regular verbal or written communication.

Parents are also presented with weekly updates, progress reports, termly newsletters and biannual portfolios. They are also invited to parent-teacher conferences where they can meet their child's teachers.

Healthy Eating

MindChamps PreSchool at Fusionopolis believes strongly in healthy eating and inculcating good eating habits in young Champs. It is the only MindChamps PreSchool that has a fully furnished kitchen that caters healthy and nutritious food for both Champs and teachers.


From burger patties to cream of pumpkin soup, every dish is made fresh. The little Champs are served with a wide variety of cuisines; Japanese curry to Western baked salmon, mushroom chowder and cheeseburgers to local dishes like chicken rice, spinach with wolfberries soup and barley dessert with gingko.

MindChamps PreSchool at Fusionopolis is especially proud of the meals prepared and served to their Champs and teachers. They also use this to share good knowledge and benefits of healthy eating.


MindChamps PreSchool at Fusionopolis is located at 1 Fusionopolis Way, Connexis, #03-11/24, above One-North MRT station.

Contact number

Contact MindChamps PreSchool at Fusionopolis on: +65 6463 4567.

Is your child or the child of anyone you know enrolled at MindChamps PreSchool at Fusionopolis? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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Written by

Minoli Almeida

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