The metrosexual dad - Our daddies are getting hotter!

The metrosexual dad - Our daddies are getting hotter!

Beauty some claim is only skin-deep. What rubbish! As we frown upon ridiculous ERP charges and whine about rising cost of rice, we have no qualms about shelling out hard earned money on beauty products (just because some drop-dead gorgeous actress lends her face to it!)

It's true, in the current state of society, beauty goes as deep as the money in your Chanel wallet takes you. Let's face it, not everyone has Brad Pitt’s for fathers or Angelina Jolie’s for mothers.

Dismayed with what you see in the mirror? Splash the cash and wake up looking like a goddess - with 18kg of plastic and 2kg of silicon under your skin! Plastic surgery is here to stay.

Beauty, once exclusively associated with women has now found a huge following in the opposite sex as well. Straight or not-so-straight men are making waves in the beauty industry.

Once considered un-macho to use a separate facial wash, men now refuse to wash without lathering moisturisers and lavishing toners onto their faces. The cause? Mr David Beckham – metrosexual extraordinaire. This hugely popular term has now caught on with many fathers.

Once considered un-fathomable, some fathers are spending more time pampering themselves with beauty products than mothers. Are you able to handle the fact that your husband’s knowledge of beauty products may put yours to shame?

Love it or loathe it, the 20th century new age sensitive guy you ladies craved for has morphed into the 21st century metrosexual man. Welcome to his world!

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Written by

Roshni Mahtani

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