This 'mer-dad' in Disneyland shows us just how much dads are willing to do for their daughters

This 'mer-dad' in Disneyland shows us just how much dads are willing to do for their daughters

He went the extra mile to be “part of her world”

It’s not unusual to see little kids dress up in their favourite Disney characters while adventuring around Disneyland, but dads? This photo of a little girl and her dad dressed as Ariel and King Triton is taking the internet by storm.

daddy dress up

Photo: Calicutie66/Imgur

The online dad community, as reported by Parents, has made it viral by holding it up as an example of how much they’d be willing to do to make their daughters happy.

One redditor summed up all our feelings about the photo in his comment:

Dads think all day and night about what will make their daughters happy, and then they try their best to make it happen, somehow, some way, and they’re devastated when they can’t. This guy got those outfits and came up with the idea of wearing it for one reason, and one reason only—he wanted to see his little girl’s eyes light up.

Case in point. Years ago Leon Russell was playing a gig here in town, and I really wanted to go. However, the Jonas Brothers were playing the same night. Guess which show we went to? And I enjoyed the hell out of it. You know what made the night? The look on my little girl’s face.

Nothing else matters to a Dad, ever. You are the only thing he thinks about day in and day out.

At the end of the day, dressing up and having fun with your daughter is exactly that—a lot of fun. Once dads can get past their hang-ups, they’d be surprised at how much they enjoy doing “girly” things. One commenter on Imgur even wrote:

I low-key wanna have a daughter so I can do s*** like this. That and the tea-parties…

One other dad shared a photo of him dressed up as a princess:

“I went as the fattest and ugliest Cinderella you have ever seen. I had a blast”

daddy dress up

Photo: statix138/Imgur

Dads, going out of your comfort zone to make your daughters happy will go a long way. Several redditors talked about their experiences with their own dads who did similar things.

“Your daughter will remember that you did that for her for the rest of her life. Really,” one wrote. “Source: my dad played Pretty Pretty Princess with me constantly when I was little and always dressed up. He is the best.”

Another redditor echoed that sentiment, writing: “I would make my dad play that game with me all the time. He always had to be the pink jewelry set and I wasn’t happy until he was decked out in all the pieces. I thought it was funny to see him wear the pink earrings when I was little, now at 27 I just remember it as love. He is still the greatest and we talk every day.”

To dads like this: Good job. You’re doing it right

See the whole Reddit thread here.

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