Meet your new 'breast' friend: Your Man Reminder app!

Meet your new 'breast' friend: Your Man Reminder app!

Ladies, checking your girls for unwanted lumps and bumps will never be the same again with this app. Your Man Reminder puts a rather steamy spin on breast cancer awareness and self-examination. Curious to find out more? Read on!

Your Man Reminder - Breast cancer awareness

We felt with October being breast cancer awareness month, it would be the perfect time to introduce this nifty little application to you!

It’s the ‘Your Man Reminder’ App, available at the App store and the Google Play store.

The clever folk down at Rethink Breast Cancer have devised what we find to be a highly interesting and effective app.

‘Your Man Reminder’ app has been designed to teach women to know their breasts and recognise abnormalities that could be signs of breast cancer.

Think it sounds like any other app? You’re wrong!

Your Man Reminder - Breast cancer awareness app

Meet, Anthony. Want more? Hurry up and download Your Man Reminder!

You might be wondering what’s so interesting about it…it’s just another app after all, right? Now hang on just one moment, ladies!

Your Man Reminder app, as the name suggests, involves a man (of your choice) teaching you to how to perform self-examination on your breasts. That is if you’re not too distracted by the eye-candy teaching you how to do it!

It is a fun, interactive application that allows you to set alarms so you don’t forget to check yourself regularly and it even reminds you when your next doctors appointment is!

Aside from that, there’s also a section where you can take notes if you notice anything strange with your girls – so you won’t forget to mention it when you see the doctor next!

The interface of the application is simple and pleasing to the eye: a white background with grey and pink elements.

Your eye only really picks up the pink so often associated with breast cancer awareness messages, so you immediately know you’ve picked a relevant app if how to self-examine your breasts is what you’re after.

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Your Man Reminder - Breast cancer awareness app

Tips for prevention, alarms, notes and a selection of gorgeous men to choose from!

What makes Your Man Reminder so helpful?

We feel this app stands out from other breast cancer awareness methods and campaigns as it takes a humorous approach to a rather daunting topic – while keeping it all in good taste!

Your Man Reminder allows you get a proper tutorial while being extremely easy on the eyes (in more than one way!).

Dr Felicia Tan, an expert from our panel in the field of breast cancer says, “We have always had difficulty demonstrating breast self-examination in women, due to modesty issues. Using men to demonstrate is both entertaining and educational.”

Your Man Reminder - Breast cancer awareness app

Check your breasts…and check out those abs while you’re at it!

It’s important that women are kept educated and informed on how to detect and recognise symptoms of breast cancer, especially when early detection can help save thousands of lives.

By performing frequent checks on yourself you will be quick to notice if something is out of the norm. This also drastically reduces the chance of a tumor or growth going unnoticed.

All in all, this application is educational, interesting and not to mention, um, steamy.

It’s bound to get you squealing to your friends, which is exactly what we want! Spread the word, it is after all breast cancer awareness month.

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Once you have Your Man Reminder on your phone we’re sure you won’t forget to check your breasts on a regular basis. Let’s face it, why would anyone want to miss out on an excuse to look at an attractive man?

Added bonus: he is teaching you some very valuable and potentially life-saving tips!

Watch the full Your Man Reminder video here:

Head over to for more on how you can protect yourself and help others who are fighting breast cancer.

And if you happen to download Your Man Reminder on your phone, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!


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