Meet the cat who’s been protecting his human since before he was born

Meet the cat who’s been protecting his human since before he was born

He would shower little Sean with cuddles even before he left the womb. See their adorable photos here

Two years ago, Liel Assayag and her husband adopted a cat who they named Panda. She recounts to Buzzfeed how the loving cat would sleep beside her, purring gently

She describes Panda as being a “quiet and gentle girl” who likes “to run around the house, ruin the carpet, and knock over things”.

When they were expecting their first child, the mum-to-be shared how Panda “connected with [their baby] instantly”.

“When the belly got bigger, she started putting her paws around the belly so it looked like she was hugging it,” shared Liel.

protective cat

When Liel gave birth to her son, Sean Ivory, she had her husband take home one of Sean’s onesies for Panda and their other cats to sniff and get used to his smell.

“They ignored the baby for about a month,” recounts Liel. “After a month, they started coming closer to him and sniffing him.”

protective cat

But Panda eventually showed the same affection he showed Sean while he was in utero.

“She clearly loves him,” marvels Liel.

She shared a series of photos documenting the love between her two babies.

protective cat

But it isn’t only Panda who’s showered Sean with affection. Liel shares how her other two cats could would sleep in Sean’s bed or wake her up when the baby cries at night. One of the other cats also cuddles Sean often.

“But Panda is the only one that clearly loved him from the beginning,” she said. “Well, they have a long history together.”


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Posted by Liel Ainmar Assayag on Sunday, February 21, 2016

In sharing these heartwarming photos, Liel hopes to show how pets can be “part of the family”.

Not wanting to be one of those families who “abandon” their pets once they start having kids, she wants to remind people that “pets are great companions for kids and they can learn so much from them.”

She adds, “For some people they are just pets. But for the pets, people are their family and that’s how we should treat them — as family. And you don’t give up on your family.”

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