Why "me time" for mums is good for the entire family

Why "me time" for mums is good for the entire family

Are you a busy mum with no time for yourself? Do you desperately crave for “me time”, but feel selfish for indulging in yourself once in a while? Contrary to popular belief, denying one self of "me time" can have detrimental effects on the family.

They’re the Cinderellas of real life, the driving force behind every family. Up at dawn and the last one to sleep at night, mums spend the majority of their waking hours tending to their families’ needs and helping to make ends meet.

There are a million and one things mums have to deal with on a daily basis, leaving them frazzled and in dire need of some much-needed “me time”.

Because unlike the Cinderella of fairy tales, mums don’t have little mice friends to help them with their chores, or a fairy godmother to make the house spick and span with just a wave of her wand.

According to a study commissioned by TVbed, out of the 2,000 mothers who participated in the poll, nearly 75% felt they live their lives for other people, while a frazzled 51 % regularly go for weeks at a time without a single minute to spare for relaxation.

We, at theAsianparent, understand the demands of motherhood all too well. As such, we conducted our own research, and asked some mums to participate in a study to find out how they spend their time.

Results showed that a staggering 97% of mothers find that “me time” was drastically reduced after having kids; quite a few also regard "me time" as unacceptable, largely due to a sense of responsibility to their family, feelings of guilt, and the fear that their children may not do well in the future.

How "me-time" helps the family as a whole

While mothers deny themselves of much-needed “me time" for the sake of the family, studies show that  alone time can actually contribute positively to the individual and benefit the entire family as a whole.

Alone time can help to improve concentration, reduce stress or increase tenacity during stressful situations. It can also help to reboot the brain and recharge the body.

Investing in adequate alone time helps mothers recharge, making them feel more energized and stabilizing their moods, which in turn improves family relations and interactions. Mothers who have time for themselves actually become better parents because they are more engaged, and are able to give more attention to the kids when spending time with them.

According to the same study, a mother has to devote herself to many different activities on a daily basis.


16.6% of mothers find that housework is a necessary chore they need to spend their time on: almost as much as spending quality time (17.9%) with their  family.

But does housework really have to be so time-consuming? What if there was a simple, easy cleaning solution that can give a mother extra time?

Next, find out how to clean your home faster!

Magiclean Wiper Mop

The Magiclean Wiper Mop is a busy mum's best friend.

According to the same survey, out of 104 working mothers, 41% are already using the Magiclean Wiper Mop to help them ease the burden of housework.

92% of Magiclean Wiper users agree that the tool has effectively helped them cut down cleaning time. The survey also showed that the product allowed users to clean their floors almost two times faster as compared to other traditional cleaning tools.


Moreover, 80% of Magiclean Wiper users also agree that the tool is flexible and easy to use.

Kao Magiclean findings 2

Empowering mothers with extra time

By significantly cutting down cleaning time, Magiclean Wiper Mop empowers young mothers with “extra time”, which they can either spend to relax on their own without feeling guilty, or bond with their families.

See how the tool has helped to benefit other mothers in the video below.

No more hassle! One single tool is all you need to make cleaning a breeze!


Who needs a fairy godmother when you can clean like magic with the Magiclean Wiper Mop? Click here to purchase a Magiclean Wiper Mop today!

After all, even the Cinderellas of this world deserve their happily ever after…or at least have enough time and energy at the end of the day to enjoy a cup of tea and their favourite TV show!

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