Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Photoshop

Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Photoshop

We are surrounded by images of perfect women everywhere. But they are hardly realistic. You just have to watch this video to see how Photoshop can completely change what a woman looks like. Go on, take a look and you'll be amazed to see how it completely distorts what real beauty is.

The media has the power to influence many of the everyday decisions we make, even the simplest things.

From which brand of milk you decide on at the supermarket, the toothbrush you pick up for the kids, or the type of conditioner you put into your trolley - how these things are portrayed by the media certainly have an influence on if we buy them or not.

The media, unfortunately, also has the ability to change the way we feel about ourselves, and the way we look. On a daily basis, we are faced with hundreds of images of perfect, slim, sexy women on the covers of magazines, on the television and on billboards.


These women are not real. And in a bit, you are going to watch a video that will show you why.

It has been proven that only 5% of women in the world will be able to look the way models are portrayed.

Chances are the gorgeous woman you see on the cover of the magazine that’s sitting on your coffee table has been digitally altered.

She’s been given a nip and a tuck without the blade.

Chances are, she has been ‘Photoshopped’.

GlobalDemocracy created a 36-second clip of an average looking woman being transformed into a magazine-cover worthy model. A little bit of concealer, a touch of lighting and whole lot of Photoshop was all it took.


portrait To many of us, this woman looks pretty perfect in the first image. But no, it's still not good enough. See if you can spot the changes that make her 'perfect' in the 2nd image.

Her face goes through numerous changes in a matter of seconds. She’s shrunk, lightened, whitened, plumped, slimmed-down and pulled in all the right places till the final photo looks nothing like the actual model.

Everyday, tonnes of photos undergo this same treatment and are showcased to 'regular' women like you and me. And what this does is set literally impossible standards for women everywhere.

beforeafter The 'after' image of this woman looks nothing like her 'before' image!

The brainwashing achieved by these unrealistic images is dangerous. While we know very well that these standards are pretty much impossible to achieve, in our minds, we do sometimes think if the women on billboards can do it, why can’t we?

We want women everywhere to know that the images we are fed by the media aren’t real. You don’t need all that pressure from photographs of women who don’t look that amazing in real life.

Sure, use it as inspiration to work towards your goals. Enhance your natural beauty with some great make-up, throw on a dress that shows off your curves and makes you feel sexy, and don't forget those killer heels that make you look like a million bucks.

Just don’t beat yourself up about having a couple of stretch marks or not having the perfect complexion.

Beauty really is only skin deep.

Real beauty is self-confidence. Real beauty is your gorgeous smile that lights up your whole face and makes your eyes sparkle.

Real beauty is how you feel when you are with your loved ones - just look at pictures of how radiant you look when you are with your family.

Never forget - real beauty is the real YOU!

Do you feel like you are overwhelmed with images of what a 'perfect' woman should look like on the media? Share your thoughts with us - please leave a comment!

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Written by

Sonia Pasupathy

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