Math enrichment programmes: which one is best?

Math enrichment programmes: which one is best?

Enrichment classes are becoming essential for every preschooler. But which one actually suits your child's learning needs? We break down the two major types of math enrichment courses available in Singapore and what they can offer your child.

Math enrichment classes are becoming a popular norm in every child’s preschool experience. Even though the Ministry of Education’s primary school syllabus is sufficient for a child, many parents are still opting to send their children to enrichment classes way before their child even turns seven. This can prove to be helpful to their child by providing any kind of extra help that is possible or needed.

So, has as all this talk about math enrichment courses made you start thinking about enrolling your kids into one of these courses? Well, if you see the benefits of enrolling your child in an enrichment programme, then now the question is, which math enrichment class is best for your child?

In this week’s instalment, we look at math enrichment courses for preschoolers.

There are two different types of math enrichment programmes - the ‘brain training’ and the ‘academic’ type. We'll tell you all about them.

Brain training

Enrichment programmes that specialise on ‘brain training’ focus on developing students’ left and right side of the brain for enhanced computational activities. The activities that are usually covered in these classes seek to stimulate each student’s brain development.

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Where to find them

Some math enrichment programmes that fit into this category are the Heguru method and the Schichida method from Japan. These classes target each student’s memory development. ‘Brain training’ classes with this mindset can be found at CMA Mental Arithmetic, which taps on this traditional way of counting to great effect. In Singapore, you can also find courses that focus on this style at The Learning Lab and Sakamoto.


As seen on the header, these types of classes focus and revolve around academia. What this means is that the classes offered by this enrichment programme help students to learn with a more traditional goal in mind, which is to exceed in academic excellence. These classes focus on the idea of repetition and a form of drilling that have promised to breed mathematics excellence in your kids. You can find these classes in Singapore at The Kumon Learning Centre and E.nopi Math.

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Whichever type of enrichment programme you end up choosing for your child, it is imperative to take your child’s interests and individual development into consideration. Also, do remember that these are enrichment classes. They are meant to supplement your child's learning in a fun, but effective way. Thus, the last thing you want to do is to burn your child out before he even enters primary school.

Share your opinion on enrichment classes, and if you would enrol your child!

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