Married Mum Turns To Tinder To Find "Best Friend"

Married Mum Turns To Tinder To Find "Best Friend"

Is Tinder for married people looking to form friendships, too? 

A married mum on Tinder on a quest to find a man she had connected with last year is creating buzz on the internet and is sparking the question: is Tinder for married people looking to form friendships, too? 

In a bid to find him, the mother of 2 took to popular netizen site STOMP, seeking help from its vast network of subscribers to look for a “Mystery Man” whom she had reportedly connected with in the past.

tinder for married couples

Tinder App. | Image Source: iStock

Tinder For Married Couples: “Husband has given me back my freedom”

Seeks help publicly to contact her

The mum, who is married with two young children, had registered for an account on the popular dating app in order to expand her friend circle and form “genuine friendships“.

She reportedly chose to open an account on Tinder because of the “good mix of characters on the app.” 

And it seems like she did find what she was looking for. 

In September last year, she connected with a man she had met on the app. They had similar characters and were able to talk and share their “life stories” with each other. The man knew that she was married and that she had children. She had even reportedly sent him photos of the kids, to which he had commented that they looked a lot like her. 

However, the friendship was shortlived as shortly afterwards she blocked him because her husband was getting uncomfortable with the connection and did not “allow” it. 

“But now, can already as my husband has given me back my freedom”, she said. 

“I would like to connect with him again because he is a nice guy and I would like to be best friends with him,” she reiterated. 

Unable to find the man 

After receiving permission from her husband, she is now trying to locate the man but cannot seem to find him on either Tinder or Telegram, which were the two sites they used to communicate. 

Married Mum Turns To Tinder To Find

She is reaching out to the public via the netizen site, to contact her if one of them happens to be the man she had lost contact with. 

Details are sparse, but all she knows about his personal information is that he is either 24 or 25 years old, lives in Sengkang and that his full name “probably starts with a ‘Y’ and ends with a ‘J'”.

She adds that he used to call her “Bumblebee” due to her love for the insects. 

Stomp reached out to its contributors on behalf of her and asked them to contact the site on their email or WhatsApp/Telegram number if any one of them were the ‘Mystery Man’.

Tinder for Married Couples: It’s a “no” for netizens

Public response so far has been largely negative with some advising advise her to not “play with fire”, while some asked her to concentrate on “bring(ing) up your 2 kids with love and care.”


Married Mum Turns To Tinder To Find

Screenshot of comments from STOMP. | Image Source: Stomp 

Some of them wondered why she had taken to a dating app and did not understand “why this lady want[s] to “make friends” on such an obvious platform when she is already married with kids?? At first I thought she is divorced with kids or her hubby passed away already so she want[s]to look for a new other half. The more I read this article the weirder it seems.”

One guest commented that this was a common occurrence in current times. “It’s the norm ‘trend’ now. Nowadays many couples have their own “friends” outside their marriage. Whether really friends a not only they themselves would know.” 

Meanwhile, one comment noted that people were not very open-minded instead.

Tell us! Do you think it is alright for your spouse to use an app popularly used for dating and casual ‘hook-ups’, in order to find friends? 

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