Manscaping Tips: How Should Your Hubby Groom 'Down There'?

Manscaping Tips: How Should Your Hubby Groom 'Down There'?

Women spend so much time waxing, shaving and getting all dolled up for their husbands. It’s high time we shift our focus on helping our partners’ grooming, especially down south.

Truth is, men are not exactly keen on the idea of shaving and waxing their pube area, or any part of their body for that matter. For most men, getting rid of hair on the back, arms, legs, and chest is unusual and “not the norm.”

The fact that Asian men are generally not too hairy all over may be the reason why it’s not a common concern for both the men and the women they are with.

Shaving and waxing that thatch of hair from down there is almost always unheard of — or unwanted. What for? the men would ask. And why?

Well, there are many benefits to this grooming habit. The “modern men” have chosen the path to manscaping for simple, but practical and logical reasons: hygiene and sensuality, and the fact that your genitals can look more attractive and positively huge (by about half an inch, actually).

What Are the Best Manscaping Tips for My Husband?

manscaping tips for my husband

Nornelie Paniza, registered nurse and licensed laser technician in an international dental and skin care clinic, says men from the Middle East especially, are very particular when it comes to personal hygiene.

“They grow very thick hair all over their body, and so they opt to go for laser hair removal to get rid of unwanted hair in areas of the body that gets too sweaty,” Paniza explains. Summer could be the worst time, because it is thick hair in the pubic area that causes an unpleasant smell. And this is the case for men in any part of the world.

Shaving or waxing that thick, dense forest down south has become part of good male hygiene. Those who have money go for laser hair removal.

There is nothing emasculating with trimming and manscaping. Body builders and athletes have been doing this for decades now because it is a known scientific fact that hair follicles trap sweat, which contributes to foul odour, Paniza adds.

Who wouldn’t want a clean, shaven, hair-free, odour-free pubic area and a smooth scrotum?

Getting Down to Business

It may sound like a hard sell when you try to convince your husband or partner to try it, but it is going to be worth your while. Once he says yes, the next step is ushering him into the clean, shaven world of manscaping.

So you need to know how to do it — and help him do it. It is sensitive terrain you are treading, so proceed with caution.

Your Step-by-Step Guide:


1. Select the the best sharp razor.

Some prefer an electric razor or body groomer that works best on “thick bushes.” Look for a multi-functional neck that can shave every nook and cranny, with ease.

Remember: You are working on a very sensitive area. It is best not to go cheap here — quality is imperative. While you're at it, get a pair of sharp small scissors and mild shaving cream (Nivea, Colgate or Neutrogena are popular picks). The hypoallergenic kind is recommended for sensitive skin.

2. Take a warm shower and wash the pubic area with soap and water before shaving.  

Warm water will help open up your pores, thus helping you shave more easily. Showering makes the hair softer and easier to trim and shave.

3. Snip and trim with the scissors if you are dealing with a first-timer, and the pubes are bushy and long.

Get rid of as much hair as possible for easier and more effective shaving.

Caution: First, make sure you have steady hands when snipping. You don’t want to hurt anyone with those blades; and secondly, use trimming scissors for the sole purpose of trimming your pubes, and nothing else.

You don’t want bacteria to spread where it shouldn’t. Some use a dedicated trimmer, which is for the more “experienced” shaver. But trimmers are not used on the scrotum, as this area is extra-sensitive. Take another short shower just to wash off the extra hair from all the snipping.

4. Dry off and slather a handful of shaving cream or shaving gel all around the genitals and scrotum.

Your husband will need a hand mirror, for when he can do this by himself and without your help.

5. Start shaving, stroking downwards from the head of the penis, then around it, ever so gently.

Get rid of the hair in the groin and the rest of the genital region. Shave in the direction of hair growth, not against the grain. Look which way your hair is pointing toward and shave smooth, even strokes that same way.

6. Now, there is an important decision to be made here.

Do you shave all of it? Or just about half-an-inch? Whether you want to be totally or partially shaven, make sure it is what you truly want. This will be your guide on how “far and deep” you should go, and when to stop.

7. Now go under, stroking down into the hairline around the testicles.

Pay special attention to your testicles, carefully shaving them with a smooth upward motion. Don’t forget to rinse and shake your razor after every stroke to remove the tiny bits of hair that cling to the blades. The scrotum and shaft are significantly prone to nicks and cuts because of the folds, so be extra careful.

8. Get back in the shower and rinse and dry the area carefully.

9. Medical experts advise using an antiseptic after shaving.

Some use after-shave balms, post-shave elixir, and shave tonic (which can be used before and after shaving). Look in the market for one that suits you. Look for a disinfectant that is also soothing.

10. Don’t forget to moisturise the skin.

Some men do not mind patting the area with baby powder for a more refreshing feeling. This also prevents itching, which is normal, especially for first-timers. Some apply aloe vera for calming sensitive skin. Avoid using strong- or -over-scented lotion or powder.

Just massage the moisturiser in circular strokes around the shaved area.

The first few shaves will be a tad uncomfortable, naturally. When hair starts growing back, it may become itchy and “ouchy” too, especially for the woman, during intercourse.

Over-the-counter Cortisone cream does the trick, says Paniza. It soothes irritation effectively.

We hope these tips have helped enlighten you and your hubby about proper grooming habits! Would you like to add more tips to help other couples? Let us know in the comments below!

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