How should you manage your maid’s cellphone use?

How should you manage your maid’s cellphone use?

How do you make sure that your maid doesn't spend too much time on the phone? Just follow these tips!

Having a maid that helps you with the day to day chores around the house is a great thing. Especially if you're a working parent and you don't always have time to do all the housework etc. However, with cellphones being more and more of a necessity rather than a luxury, how do you make sure that your maid doesn't spend too much time on the phone?

1. Manage a schedule

If your maid has a cellphone, you need to be upfront and discuss with your maid the times where she can use her cellphone. Once you agree on a set schedule, make sure to follow it and remind your maid about the schedule if you see that she's using her phone during times where she has to be working.

2. List your maid's priorities

Prioritizing chores can help your maid handle her tasks better. When your maid can handle her tasks efficiently, then she will get less distracted and can help them avoid being on their phones during work hours.

3. Respect your maid's privacy

It's important to never read the messages on your maid's phone, or to eavesdrop on any conversations. You should also give a little leeway when it comes to phone use since there might be some cases that there's an emergency and she needs to be contacted.

4. Work first before anything else

Always remind your maid that her main priority would be to do her daily tasks properly first. Once she's done with everything, then she can use her cellphone to talk to her family or use it for other things.

5. Be fair

If you don't allow your maid to use a phone at all, then that might be considered abuse. It's important to always be fair and be considerate to your maid. However, if you see that your maid is neglecting her duties because she's using her phone too much, then it's time to talk things over.

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