Man abandons newborn daughter in dumpster to die, says report

Man abandons newborn daughter in dumpster to die, says report

At just two hours old, a newborn baby girl was given a death sentence, by her own father...

How a parent can abandon their very own child is unfathomable, but sadly it happens all around the world. In Southwest China, CCTV footage has emerged, showing the heartbreaking moment a man throws his daughter in a dumpster and leaves her there to die. 

The man, who was identified as Mr. Li, has since been arrested, reports local news site Yunnan Daily.

Man throws his daughter in a dumpster because he believed she had an ‘incurable’ condition

Though perfectly healthy, the newborn’s parents believed she had an ‘incurable’ condition that drove them to ‘get rid of her’ just two hours after she was born.

The newborn baby girl’s face and lips had reportedly turned purplish green because of the cold weather, after her mum, Ms. Li went into labour when she was eight months along.

In the disturbing clip, we see the man throws his daughter in a dumpster after first stuffing her in a paper bag. 

About 30 minutes later, onlookers retrieved the baby from the dumpster. CCTV footage managed to capture an elderly woman rescuing the newborn from the garbage.

The baby girl, who still had her umbilical cord attached, was immediately brought to Xuanwei People’s Hospital for medical attention, after which she was sent to the city’s community centre. 

man throws his daughter

In the footage, we can clearly see that the man throws his daughter in a dumpster and leaves her there. (Image source: Youtube)

How to adopt a child in Singapore

It’s saddening to see parents abandoning children, but it is heartening to know that there are those who are willing to be devoted mums and dads to them. 

In Singapore, there is  a low number of babies given up for adoption because of the low birth rate. But if you are thinking about giving one of the ‘unwanted’ children a happy home in Singapore, here’s what you should know.

According to Singapore’s Adoption of Children Act, married couples, as well as single individuals, can adopt a child. 

Here’s how to know if you are eligible to become an adoptive parent:

1. You are eligible to adopt if you are aged 25 or above.

2. You must be 21 years older than the child you plan to adopt. 

3. If you are blood related or in the event of exceptional circumstances, you can be eligible to adopt even if you are under 25 or not more than 21 years older than the child you plan on adopting.

4. You must be no more than 50 years older than the child you plan to adopt.

5. If you are a single male, you will not be eligible to adopt unless there are special circumstances to “justify the adoption.” 

A child is eligible for adoption if he or she is: 

1. Under the age of 21.

2. Has never been married.

3. For children from foreign countries, different laws can apply. What’s more, couples looking to adopt from foreign countries must go through an assessment process, which typically costs $1,500.

4. The process of adopting a stepchild may differ depending upon the child’s citizenship. 

How long will it take to adopt a child in Singapore?

On average, it will take about five to seven months — from application to approval in court — for the adoption process to be completed. However, it could take longer when it comes to foreign-born children. 

If a couple enlists the help of an agency, the entire adoption process could cost about $25,000 to $35,000. 

For more information about the legal adoption process in Singapore, you can consult the Ministry of Social and Family Development.

Sources: Yunnan Daily, Singapore Legal Advice, Straits Times, Ministry of Social and Family Development

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