Man marries 21 wives for prostitution

Man marries 21 wives for prostitution

Husbands are normally quite jealous and protective with their wives, especially from the lewd gazes or advances of other men. But there is an abnormal breed of men that prostitute their wives out for money .A man abused his vows and married 21 women through fake marriages and forced them to become prostitutes over 9 years. Find out how to deal with an abusive partner.

Man marries 21 wives for prostitution

As unromantic as it may sound, some people say that marriage is a business transaction. You will see in the cases below that marriage can sometimes be solely meant for profit purposes. The newspaper Utusan Malaysia reported that a 32-year-old man was arrested for marrying 21 women only to force them into prostitution over a span of nine years.

All the marriages were fake and this “business” came to a screeching halt when one of his many victims was saved by the police. The man allegedly married 18 Malaysian girls and three more women from a neighboring country. The fake marriage certificates were obtained from a syndicate.

These women were abused if they refused to comply to the prostitution demands dropped by the supposed husband. They were simply beat up if they refused. One of the victims, Julia, 18, was rescued by the police in Negeri Sembilan after her sister called Utusan to help locate her.

Apparently, he wore two talismans that help him charm women. Now, he is expected to be charged with the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act 2007.

What to do if you have an abusive spouse

It can seem very frightening when you realise that you are involved in an an abusive relationship. It's time to leave but you are firghtened of what your husband or partner may do to stop you.

Many women are seriously injured or even murdered when trying to leave abusive marriages or relationships. While most men would never dream of being violent, there are those who use abuse and violence as ways of getting what they want.

Steps you can take

1. Call in the experts. Contact a woman's organisation who can give you support,  counselling, suggest  places to stay and discuss the legalities of your situation.

2. Use your network of support. Make contact with family and friends because you may need them for both protection and accommodation in the short term.

3. Get help when you move out. Don't be alone with a violent spouse when you announce your intention to leave.. Get a few relatives  to help you move.




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Felicia Chin

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