Man drags child from car and pushes him to the ground at Sengkang East Way

Man drags child from car and pushes him to the ground at Sengkang East Way

He even drove off, leaving the boy standing on the side of the road.

It was all caught on camera on Monday June 4: A man drags child from car, then repeatedly slams him to the ground at Sengkang East Way. The disturbing scene was recorded by a concerned passer-by, who then shared the video with citizen journalism site Stomp.

Man Drags Child from Car at Sengkang East Way: What Exactly Happened? 

In the video, a man can be seen scolding a small boy, who looks to be around nine years old, near a white BMW parked on the side of the road. The man then returns to his seat.

The boy also opens the back door to get in the car. But the man comes out of the car again, pulls the boy out and slams him to the ground. 

Distressed, the little boy runs to the car and tries to get in again. But once more, he is thrown to the ground by the man. This happens repeatedly, until the video ends with the man scolding the young boy. 

The man is also reported to have left the boy by the side of the road. He later returned, only to find the child being comforted by a a resident of a nearby Housing Board flat. 

According to AsiaOne and Stomp, the concerned resident who shared the video said, "No matter how (naughty) your child is, is that the way you punish your child by throwing him out of the car and (leaving) him behind?"

It is also reported that the person who recorded the incident called the police. The police confirmed that they were "alerted to a case of ill-treatment of a child along Sengkang East Way on June 4 at 12.40pm," according to Stomp

Police investigations are continuing. 

Watch the Video Here: 

We at theAsianparent hope this little boy is okay and that this never happens to him again. 


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Sources: The Straits Times, Stomp, AsiaOne


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