Malaysian Boy Run Over By Own Mum in Tragic Vehicular Accident

Malaysian Boy Run Over By Own Mum in Tragic Vehicular Accident

She had no idea her toddler was caught under the car until it was too late...

A three-year-old boy was accidentally crushed to death by a car. And the driver was, sadly, his own mum. The Malaysian boy run over had apparently been in front of his mum’s car before she drove off.

It was Valentine’s day.

Malaysian boy run over by mum’s car was dragged 10 metres from his home

According to the New Straits Times, the boy’s mum only noticed something was wrong when she was 10 metres from their home.

She first thought she was dragging some garbage caught under her car, but to her horror she found out that she had run over her three-year-old son.

“I’m still confused by what happened. When I left, he was still in the house,” the devastated mum told NST.

The severely injured toddler was rushed to Hospital Penawar Pasir Gudang, but was declared dead on arrival. 

“She thought her youngest child was in the house with his four siblings. Her husband was also in the house at the time,” a friend of the grieving family lamented to NST.

“She only suspected something amiss after driving for about several metres,” continued the unnamed friend. “When she came out of the vehicle, she was shocked to find her son under the vehicle.”

Meanwhile, local authorities have confirmed the heartbreaking incident.

Malaysian boy run over highlights car safety tips all parents should know

malaysian boy run over

Mums and dads, be extra careful when driving through residential neighbourhoods and school districts!

Hearing about accidents such as this will break the heart of any parent. While we grieve with the traumatised mum, this also serves as a reminder to be vigilant when it comes to your child’s safety in and around cars. 

Making your neighbourhood roads a safe space starts with you, mums and dads!

Be sure to remember these safety tips at all times:

  • Look around before you get into your vehicle. Check your trunk, backseat, and the front and back of your car before starting your engine.
  • When driving through residential neighbourhoods and school zones, remember to be extra careful. Don’t speed!
  • Do not leave your child unattended near cars or vehicles.
  • Constantly remind your kids about the importance of following traffic rules and keeping away from cars, even if these cars are parked.
  • Keep your car doors locked while mobile – and use the child lock.
  • Keep car keys out of your children’s reach at all times!
  • Be extra alert even when you are in a rush because accidents can happen when you least expect it. 

Mums and dads, car safety should be a constant priority, even if you are just dashing out for a quick errand. This tragedy shows us that fatal accidents can happen in your very own driveway.


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