Mums, freckle up to look younger

Mums, freckle up to look younger

Covering up freckles is passé. The new trend is to add on those freckles to look fresh and young. Make up expert spill the beans on this hot new trend. Make up with freckles—yay or nay?

This fad is spot on!

Would you or would you not add freckles to your face if it takes years from your face? In the past, it may be embarrassing to have freckles and ladies do what they can to conceal the spots. Who would think that you can be a freckled beauty? Now it is time to reveal it all and go au natural.

Make up artist, Sam Chapman, at says: “There’s something youthful and fresh about freckles.” Think of it as this season’s cute facial accessory—a little add on that is quick and painless.

How to add those spots

When it comes to make up with freckles, it’s so easy and you can get in on in minutes. Watch the “Make up with freckles” tutorial below to do it right. Just take note that, as Sam says: “Freckles are random in shape and colour and the spacing is irregular. The most realistic effect comes from careful layering.’

Watch this video to learn how make up with freckles is done

Make up with freckles: Our verdict

It’s a fad, no doubt it is easier, pain-free, safer and cheaper compared to other methods of peels, surgeries or beauty regiments intended to make you look younger. However, we cannot turn back the clock and cheat ageing—why not embrace it with an open heart.

If you think about it, it’s quite ridiculous to add spots on your own face—even if it supposedly makes you look younger. Will you subscribe to this freckle-fad? Take our poll below.

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Felicia Chin

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