6 Tips for Husbands to Make Their Sperm Stronger and Swim Faster

6 Tips for Husbands to Make Their Sperm Stronger and Swim Faster

Men, have you and your wife been trying to have a baby without any luck? Try these lifestyle changes for stronger and better sperm!

You and your wife have had the big talk, and you’ve decided that you’re ready to start a family together. Awesome! The only problem is that a few months have passed since then, and nothing seems to be working. So the question is, is it possible to make sperm strongerfor a better chance of pregnancy? 

The answer is a big, fat “yes”! Follow these six lifestyle changes to make sperm strongerand help increase the chances of that conception happening sooner!

Make sperm stronger: Here’s how to do it!

1. Eat better

make sperm stronger

How to make sperm stronger? Eat well!

Your health, unsurprisingly, has a huge impact on how strong and fertile those little guys are. One thing people are often not aware of is that not all sperm are perfectly shaped. If the sperm isn’t shaped correctly to penetrate the egg, then you’re not likely to have much success with conceiving!

Eat food that is high in folates and zinc to improve your sperm quality! To increase your zinc intake, try eating more beef, pork, yogurt and cashews. Seems like some pretty solid food options! For increasing your healthy folates, add more greens to your diet like spinach, asparagus and avocados.

2. Watch your weight 

For healthy sperm, men should be neither overweight or underweight. Weight issues can also limit sexual performance and kill a man’s libido. Along with those zinc and folate-rich foods we mentioned above, you’ll want to make sure you’re eating a healthy and well-balanced diet.

3. Go to the gym to make sperm stronger!

make sperm stronger

Increasing how much you exercise is seriously crucial to make sperm strongerand as a bonus, your wife will love those rock-hard abs (leading to more hot sex!).

When you exercise more, you improve your blood circulation, improve sleep quality and are generally in a better mood. That improved blood circulation will lead to other things that will improve your mood too, we reckon!

Besides these benefits, research has found that men who work out more have a higher sperm count compared to those who don’t exercise thanks to all that extra testosterone from being at the gym.

4. Overall, just be healthier

Okay guys, I’m sure you’re noticing a trend that a healthier lifestyle helps to make sperm stronger, but now we’re going to hit you where it counts (except, not really!).

That’s right, we’re talking about those two major vices; smoking and drinking.

Smoking you need to stop entirely because it lowers your sperm count and makes those little guys slower. Keep in mind that sperm production cycle is three months long so if you’re a heavy smoker, it’ll be three months before you can benefit from the results of quitting.

In terms of drinking, you don’t have to quit completely but you do need to limit the amount of alcohol you’re consuming. Besides the fact that alcohol can reduce sperm production, men are often limited in their sexual ability when they’re inebriated.

5. Relax

We know this is much easier said than done – especially if you’ve been trying for a while without success. As you already know, stress can have a lot of nasty effects on your body and one is reducing your sperm count. When you’re spending all your time thinking about conceiving, those stressful feelings are understandable but they’re just undermining the other changes you’re making. So make time to watch TV on the sofa, play sports with your friends or do whatever else that helps you unwind.

6. Stay cool

make sperm stronger

We know this sounds well-near impossible in equatorial Singapore, but bear with us! Too much heat can damage your sperm, so you will want to avoid any scenarios with extra heat. That means stay out of the steamer after the gym and skip the hot tub.

We know, some of these sound hard to give up but it’ll all be worth it when you’re shooting stronger and faster sperm!

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