Maid who kicked 2-year-old child sentenced to jail

Maid who kicked 2-year-old child sentenced to jail

A toddler gets kicked by her maid, breaking dad's heart.

A father left his daughter at home with their domestic helper. Not expecting anything bad to happen, he was appalled to catch the maid kick his child in the head.

The clip, uploaded on Facebook by Christopher Sun, shows two-year-old Mikayla lying on her back before being being made to sit up straight by the domestic worker.

The maid then kicks Mikayla as she turns her back away, causing her to fall flat on her face onto the floor

In a Facebook post, he mentioned, "That impact is totally indescribable from me. I was totally heart broken when I saw my maid doing that to my daughter. Personally I wont even lay a hand on my princess."

Latest update: Under the Children and Young Persons Act, Khaerun Nisa Selfitriya, 28, was sentenced to four months' jail on Monday (Jan 4, 2016).

Khaerun pleaded guilty to two charges, the first of which was ill-treating the girl by kicking her left thigh area and causing her to fall to the side with her head hitting the floor. This was after the toddler started crying and vomiting when Khaerun, who was feeding her then, asked her to finish her food.

The second charge was for ill-treating the girl's younger brother – then eight months old – by slapping his back with her hand multiple times, after he cried while being fed.

Mr Sun added that his wife, was heartbroken and felt betrayed because she had treated Khaerun well throughout the five months she was living with the family. He stated that after 5 months after employment, she became complacent and take naps throughout the day.

Mr Sun has since employed another maid, a Myanmar national, from another agency.

"I definitely didn't expect this to happen, but I know that I cannot have the mindset that all maids are like this," he said.

Just to be sure, he has installed two CCTV cameras in his flat and asked his parents to help monitor the household.

"My parents visit our flat every three to four days to check on my children," he said.

"On some weekends, my daughter sleeps over at their place. Hopefully, it'll lessen the burden on our new maid."

Watch the heartbreaking video below.


My daughter is merely 2 yrs old, how can a maid do such things to her? Happily having her dinner, unknowingly out of nowhere a sudden kick from her had landed my Mikayla's head hit hard on the floor. That impact is totally undescribable from me. I was totally heart broken when I saw my maid doing that to my daughter. Personally I wont even lay a hand on my princess, until someone else actually did it. It just broke my heart too much

Posted by Christopher Sun on Wednesday, October 14, 2015


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