What can you do if your maid constantly flirts with your husband?

What can you do if your maid constantly flirts with your husband?

Think your new maid might have a crush on your husband, and acts flirty when he's around?

So, you just got a new maid for your little one, and she seems to be doing a great job at taking care of your baby and doing the housework. However, it seems that your new maid might have a crush on your husband, and she seems to act flirty when he's around.

How can you address this concern?

It's all about trust

First off, you need to see how your husband reacts to your maid's advances. If it seems that your husband doesn't really care, or tries to avoid situations that might cause you to get jealous, then you have nothing to worry about.

One of the most important things in any relationship is trust. Trust that your partner won't reciprocate any flirting that anyone does towards him, and trust that your husband will stay loyal to you.

Trust helps people resist any thoughts of jealousy, since they're comfortable with the knowledge that no matter what happens, their partner won't cheat on them or even think of doing anything close to cheating.

When should you step in?

The moment you start feeling uncomfortable, or feel that what your maid is doing is already way out of line, that's when you should step in.

Your husband might be okay with the flirting, but if it's starting to get on your nerves, then you should take it upon yourself to talk to your maid and be upfront about it. Sometimes they'll just have a crush on your husband, and some people just can't control themselves when they're trying to flirt with someone.

If talking doesn't resolve the problem, then maybe it's time to just let that maid go. It might sound petty, especially if your husband isn't reciprocating your maid's advances, but the way you feel about the situation is much more important. It's not okay to always feel jealous or annoyed at your maid's constant flirting with your husband, so in this case it's justified.

Either way, it's important to not make a scene or make it into such a big deal. Just talk to your maid, inform her of the situation, and let her go. Remember, you're in control of the situation.

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Source: nypost.com

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