Review of Loope - a great app to sort your kid's photos

Review of Loope - a great app to sort your kid's photos

Read our review of the iPhone and iPad app, Loope right here.

When you have kids, the hardest part about capturing their precious moments is figuring out when to stop clicking away on your camera.

In fact, every single smile, giggle, and even yawn may look like it is ‘one for the album’ — your little ones are that adorable!

Capturing your gorgeous tots’ pictures becomes even easier with the use of a smart phone or an iPad. Fast forward a few years and you are sure to have hundreds, if not thousands of pictures — all important; all precious.


Every single picture you take of your little one is important and special!

Let’s face it, a busy parent hardly finds time to get 7 quality hours of sleep leave alone have time to meticulously sort out their little one’s pictures in folders AND lay them out in a pretty album.

Wouldn’t it be absolutely life-changing if there was an app to do this for you? Well, there is! And it is called Loope.

What is Loope and what does it do?

Developed by our very own local polytechnic and university graduates, Loope is an app that smartly arranges uploaded photos according to how old the child is, making it easier for parents to revisit past memories.


You need to create a profile for yourself to start using this app.

Parents can upload their kids’ photos to Loope from both mobile and desktop platforms — e.g., through an iPhone/ iPad/laptop.

You can also tag ‘Child Developmental Milestones’ to relevant pictures. Once you’ve done this, the milestone is “Achieved”, and a cute badge will be assigned.

Another cool feature of Loope is that it automatically generates videos using the uploaded photos, giving parents a collage of their child’s best moments.

Parents can also celebrate their child’s growth and milestones by sharing photos, achievements, badges and generated videos with loved ones on social media.


Your kid’s pictures will be categorised according to age so it’s super easy for you to look for a specific picture.

If your family members and friends have pictures of your little one, they too can also upload their photos to your collection on Loope (more on this later in this article).

Loope is currently available only for Apple devices and the creators are currently working on launching the android version soon.

How do you use Loope?

You can get started in 3 easy steps:

Step 1 — Create an account and set up your profile together with a picture of yourself.

Step 2 — Add your kid’s details. It is very important to remember to add your child’s age. This allows Loope to automatically sort out your child’s pictures according to age by taking into account the day the picture was taken.


When creating your kid’s profile, adding his date of birth is important.

Step 3 — Start adding photos!

The result — Your folder that was chock full of pictures will be dramatically transformed and neatly categorised by your child’s age!

Starting from newborn up to 2 years old your child’s pictures will be categorised by month. After 2 years of age, the pictures will be categorised by year.

So now you don’t have to rummage through folders and folders of your child’s pictures to find one of him at 4 months or find a picture of your child with his fist tooth — Loope will do all that for you.

Remembering your baby’s achievements

Loope has a special feature called ‘Achievements’ that helps parents make note of their little ones’ milestones.


You baby’s achievements can be added in Loope.

So if your child started feeding himself with a spoon at 1 year, then you can add a cute picture of your child eating and tag it under ‘Achievements’.

So not only will your child’s photos be categorised by age, it will also be categorised by milestone.

Loope has given each milestone a cute name by  such as ‘Muncher’ for when your child eats by himself, ‘Grand Stand’ for when your little one stands up and many, many more.

Share it!

We’re certain that when you get using Loope, you will want to share your pictures (and excitement) with others!

So once you have created your profile, added your kid’s pictures and tagged achievements, you can also invite your loved ones to view your profile.

Your little one’s grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends are going to just love this feature. Not only can they view your child’s pictures and keep a tab on his mighty achievements, they too can add pictures to Loope.


Share your joy by sharing your little one’s pictures with loved ones.

The verdict

I found this app quite simple to use and very, very helpful when it came to sorting out my children’s pictures. I am sure you too will enjoy having more order to your little one’s cute photographs and love reliving his milestones over and over again.

We hope this article convinced you to use Loope. The creators of Loope would love to hear your feedback after using this app as well as suggestions for improvement. To read more about Loope and to send your suggestions visit their website here

So please do remember to jot down your feedback in the comment box below!


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Written by

Minoli Almeida

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