LOOK: Former Playboy model shares stretch mark selfie to empower fellow mums!

LOOK: Former Playboy model shares stretch mark selfie to empower fellow mums!

Reality star and mum of two Kendra Wilkinson 'bares it all' in a different, inspiring way

Kendra Wilkinson rose to fame as a Playboy bunny but she has evolved to make a name for herself.

The 30-year-old reality star has since retired from Playboy mansion residency and is embracing motherhood.

She recently “bared it all” in a different way as she flaunted her belly lined with stretch marks by way of an Instagram post on Mother’s day.

Taken at an angle that most mums wouldn’t dare attempt, she flashes a wide smile for her 1.8 million followers wearing nothing but a white sports bra.

In the photo’s caption, she says: “Look what my 2 babies did… They made me happy. #happymothersday.”

The post was liked 113,000 times in a span of 48 hours.

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photo: Kendra Wilkinson Instagram

But her Mother’s days posts didn’t end there. She also shared photos of her precious kids: Hank, 6 and Alijah Mary who is about to turn two.

Even though Mother’s day was a Sunday she posted a “throwback thursday” post of her with her kids.

She reminisced about the early days with her firstborn as she shared a photo, which she captioned: “With Lil Hank I was soooo attached to him. I didn’t want anyone near him. He was all mine. To the point of being crazy and territorial.

I still feel that way now.  We have this mother/son bond that’s so strong. I can’t go one night without praying and cuddling with him. I am cherishing every moment with him.”


In another more recent photo, we see her relaxing with her daughter, whom she charmingly refers to as her “homie”.

“She is who she is already pretty much. Our favorite thing we like to do together besides nails, watching sports and eating cheese is to play ‘spider mama’ where I become ‘mama long legs. She has my gene n [sic] I’ll definitely have to work with that n [sic] not fight it cuz [sic] she’s my mini me n [sic] we don’t like rules.”


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Bianchi Mendoza

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