Look at how this confident little girl cuts her own hair

Look at how this confident little girl cuts her own hair

When a little girl cuts her own hair, it's usually followed by feelings of regret. But not for this little girl. She just goes in there and cuts her hair.

This awesome little girl cuts her own hair, and she does so intently, like she really meant to cut it that way. The little girl's name is Aubrey Arnold, and she just oozes pure confidence.

Just look at her face as she cuts her hair. That is the face of someone that's in control, and knows what she's doing. No doubt, no hesitation. She just starts cutting her hair and keeps at it.

She doesn't care about anything else except the task at hand, she doesn't even mind the chocolate stains on her mouth. Her confidence is very admirable if you think about it.

In an interview with ABC News, her grandmother, Debbie Arnold said that her granddaughter, Aubrey, asked her to setup a tablet since she wanted to take a video of herself. Aubrey watches a lot of makeup tutorials online and wanted to make a video herself.

Arnold said that she gave Aubrey a basket of old makeup that she can use for her "tutorials," but she didn't realise that there was a pair of scissors in there. Arnold and Aubrey's mother were in another room while Aubrey was cutting her hair. “Everybody’s daughter has done that at some time," she adds.

Aubrey's mom said that "Aubrey was mildly embarrassed but she's okay." She also joked that “She’ll be crying one day when we show it to her first boyfriend though.”

Watch as the little girl cuts her own hair in the full video here:

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