Little princesses' first day to school

Little princesses' first day to school

Jane shares her daughters' first days of school with us.

We enrolled Shi En to full day childcare when she was only 20 mths (as mei mei was arriving soon). All of us, including the grandparents, were excited and anxious. Questions like can she get used to childcare life as she is just a small baby n her meals, bottle feeding etc etc..

Preparation like her school bag, water bottle,  milk powder,  milk bottle , towels, pampers, extra clothes and her favourite diaper and we also talk to her about school.

The big day has come, she was happy and curious when teachers took temperature, checked mouth and had cod liver oil and put hand sanitizer. I can accompany her for the first week . When in her respective class, getting her to join the little students was difficult. She was curious and touched those new books and toys and posters. She would just wander around in her own little world :)

Teachers mentioned that it was normal for the first few days as she was trying to familiarize with the new environment. And there was a teacher to buddy with her, orientate and play with her during the first days. Yes, indeed she was coping well and liked the teacher alot.

Next few days were ok and she looked forward but on the day that I could not accompany her, she cried and made a fuss.  I guess that she was not used to the separation anxiety. So, she cried out loud but we will hug and kiss her and ensure her that daddy and mummy will fetch her after work.

Slowly, she got used to schooling routines and made new friends and will relate what happened in school to us at night.

As for little mei mei Shi Ting, she entered 3hrs playgroup when she was 2 yrs old as Jie Jie shared about her school life and experiences with her.  So, she settled faster in school than we expected.  And last year she joined Jie Jie's school full day. And we also did not stay in school with her during first few days as she was quite independent and Jie Jie was around to guide and help her. We are fortunate and happy that the girls are coping well n enjoying their pre school days. :-)

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Roshni Mahtani

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