Little boy chases mum's car for 1 km after she drives off without him!

Little boy chases mum's car for 1 km after she drives off without him!

This little boy ended up chasing after his mum's car for more than a kilometre. Who was to blame?

In a clear case of absent-mindedness and lack of communication, a mum forgot her 7-year-old son at a train station and drove off. The little boy ended up chasing her car for at least 1 km on a busy road.

The incident

According to The Straits Times, on Sunday, Dec 25, this mum drove to a train station in Zhuji, China, to drop her relative. She did not realise that her son had also got off the car.

She soon drove off, leaving her son behind. The little boy was distraught and ran after the car. Other drivers tried to alert the mum, but she misunderstood their intentions and increased her speed.

At one point, the boy actually managed to catch up with the car, only to find the door locked.

Mum realises her folly

The boy gave up eventually. After about 1 km into her journey, the mum realised that her son was not in the car. She became frantic with worry and called the police.

A taxi driver informed her that he had seen a little boy chase her car earlier. The boy was finally found by the police, about 2km from the train station.

Mummy and son were relieved to be reunited.

The boy's chase was caught on camera. Watch the video here:

Could this incident have been prevented? What precautions can we take? Go to the next page to find out!

We feel really sorry for the little boy who ran through the busy streets of China looking for his mummy. His life could have been endangered in the process. Can we avoid such tragedies in future by simply being more mindful? Here are some tips which we think might help:

  • Look before you drive off: Drivers, especially parents, must get in the habit of checking the backseat every time they start the car. Make sure that every one is seated and buckled up in the car and ensure that the doors have been shut properly.
  • Communicate with your kids:  Smart phones have taken over our lives. We are unable to concentrate and be in the present, what with the constant urge to check our WhatsApp messages and Facebook feeds. 


Make sure there are no gadgets to distract you when you talk to your children. In this case, if the mum had bothered to talk to her son, she would have realised her mistake much earlier.

  • Educate your children about road safety: The little boy was running around on a crowded street. What if he had been hit by a car? It is important to educate your children from young about the dangers of the road. Teach them about road signs and pedestrian crossings.
  • If your child is lost: Young children are especially vulnerable in the absence of a parent. Children should be aware of their full names and the names of their parents. When appropriate, they should be made to memorise at least one parent's contact number. If they are too young to do so,  you might want to consider a name tag with relevant details jotted down, that can be hung around the child's neck.

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(Source: The Straits Times)

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