12 Delightful Preschools and Kindergartens in the East of Singapore

12 Delightful Preschools and Kindergartens in the East of Singapore

Mums and dads who live in the East especially, you might want to take down extra notes, just in case. 

What sets one preschool from the rest? Does the curriculum matter more? Or does the amount of care and attention given to your child take precedence? Perhaps, even the look and feel. Why not check out this handy list of preschools and kindergarten in the East of Singapore? 

Uncover These Preschools and Kindergarten in Singapore (East Region)

1. Apple Tree Playgroup (2 locations in the East)

preschools and kindergarten

A structured learning programme designed to help young children (before nursery age) develop their cognitive, motor and social skills through play. | Source: Apple Tree Playgroup FaceBook

Want your kids to become more confident, express better, and exhibit stronger social aptitude? Children at Apple Tree playground are found to be curious and eager to learn, are better at paying attention, and have a strong foundation in numbers and language.

The curriculum presented is suitable for young children before nursery age (typically around three years old). It introduces learning through play approach which engages the five senses – sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. It reinforces their learning and accelerates their cognitive, motor skills and social development.

One of the best preschools and kindergarten in Singapore, they’ll help your younglings adapt to new environments faster, get creative, problem-solve better, and show more initiative.

Apple Tree website

For enrolment details and branches available in the East, please click on the following:



Monday to Fridays: 9am – 11am / 11.15 am – 1.15 pm 

Head Office

Address: Blk 102 Yishun Ave 5 #03-135, Singapore 760102

Telephone: +65 6753 5978

Email: [email protected]

2. Carpe Diem @ Tampines

preschools and kindergarten

(Picture: Carpe Diem website)

Every child has their own unique talents, strengths and even personality. All they need is someone to bring those qualities out and help guide them in realising their potential to the fullest. And that’s what Carpe Diem does for your kid. 

Teachers at Carpe Diem facilitate children’s learning and uses the Multiple Intelligence based learning approach. A slew of activities are available but each is held in their own unique and centralised learning corner. Just imagine having experiences in the Beethoven corner (music), Picasso corner (art) and Shakespeare corner (literacy), amongst many others.

The curriculum here is suited for the Nursery and Kindergarten levels.

Carpe Diem website

Operating hours: 

Monday to Fridays: 7am – 7pm

Saturday: 7am – 2pm 

Half Day & Full Day programmes are available.

Locations and contact information

 Carpe Diem @ Young Hearts

Address: Blk 355 Tampines Street 33, #01-638, Singapore 520355

Telephone: +65 6784 5742

Email: [email protected]

Carpe Diem @ Young Minds

Address: Blk 219 Tampines Street 24, #01-28, Singapore 520219

Telephone: +65 6786 3954

Email: [email protected]

Check out other Carpe Diem centres in the East, here.

3. Chatsworth Preschool @ Bedok Campus

preschools and kindergarten

(Picture: Chatsworth Preschool website)

Its Bedok campus currently offers full/half day programmes (Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten Two) for children from 3 to 6 years old.

With a total of 4 classrooms and an outdoor play area equipped with a playground, sand pit, gardening patch, and bike play, your little ones will have heaps of fun learning.

A campus tour is available from Mondays to Fridays, anytime between 8am – 4.45pm. Feel free to contact the Bedok Campus to book an appointment.

Bedok Campus website

Location and contact information

Chatsworth Preschool @ Bedok Campus

Address: 350 Bedok Road, Singapore 469538 (located within the same building as the Singapore Post Office)

Telephone: +65 6448 9006 

Email: [email protected]

4. Cherie Hearts @ Various East Locations

preschools and kindergarten

Cherie Hearts centres provide care and education for children aged 8 weeks to 6 years old. (Picture: Cherie Hearts website)

With demographics and technological advancement driving the future, it’s important to help your little ones adapt to this rapidly changing globalised world. And that’s what Cherie Hearts does.

Their in-house SPIRAL Literacies Curriculum helps equip children with critical 21st century competencies — for living and lifelong learning. Their focus on literacy is expanded beyond reading and writing for holistic development.

These are the 5 literacy components: Civic-Social Literacy, Environmental Literacy, Critical Literacy, Financial Literacy and Digital Literacy. These elements are weaved into the core curriculum which is delivered through a thematic approach.

If you’re looking to prepare your child for formal education, Cherie Hearts is truly one of the best preschools and kindergarten in Singapore.

Cherie Hearts website

For various Cherie Hearts centres in the East, please visit here

5. Josiah Montessori

preschools and kindergarten

Preschools and kindergarten in Singapore (Picture: Josiah Montessori website)

Children love colours and visuals; vibrant ones can stimulate their senses and offer them robust sensory, intellectual and aesthetic experiences. 

Hone their artistic skills through the Musical Arts Programme (MAP), an integrated arts programme for children from Nursery 1 to Kindergarten 2. It’s an integral part of Josiah and has 5 elements of creative expression: Vocal Training, Dance, Music Appreciation, Art, and Chinese Speech & Drama.

Most importantly, over here, you’ll help nurture your child to be more broad-minded and well-informed with respect to general knowledge. One of the best preschools and kindergarten for holistic learning in Singapore, for sure.

For more details on Josiah’s programmes and services, you may call +65 6336 6906 or email [email protected]

Josiah website

Location and contact information

Josiah @ Tampines Mart (Kindergarten)

Address: 5 Tampines Street 32, #02-01 Tampines Mart, Singapore 529284

Telephone: +65 6260 1312

Email: [email protected]

6. Kinderland @ various East locations

preschools and kindergarten

Kinderland is a leading provider of quality infant care, bilingual kindergarten and preschool education for children 2 months to 6 years of age. | Source: Kinderland’s FaceBook

No doubt, kids love music! Why not take advantage of that interest and create an avenue for deeper learning?

Kinderland’s music-infused curriculum enhances language literacy in young children. From using the keyboard, percussion instruments, solfege singing to rhythm training, these activities greatly supports your child’s brain development, in their early years. What’s more? This approach has been proven to enhance your child’s confidence. 

The curriculum integrates the best education approaches and methodologies from the West while fusing with the East’s values of morality and inter-personal relationships. One of the best preschools and kindergarten in Singapore!

Find out more about their curriculum here

Kinderland website


  • Nursery 1 Programme (2 yrs – 3 yrs)
  • Nursery 2 To Kindergarten 2 Programme (4 yrs – 6 yrs)
  • Session Timings: Monday to Friday
    •  8.00am – 11.00am;
    • 11.15am – 2.15pm


  • Pre Nursery (Toddlers) Programme (18 mths – 2+ yrs )
  • Nursery 1 Programme (2 yrs – 3 yrs )
  • Nursery 2 To Kindergarten 2 Programme (4 yrs – 6 yrs )
  • Session Timings: Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten 2
    • Full-day child care: 7.00am – 7.00pm (Monday to Friday) and 7.00am – 2pm (Saturday)
    • Half-day child care: 7.00am – 1.00pm (Monday to Saturday)

For more information on the specific branch and programmes available, please click on the following:

Kinderland @ Loyang Point (Preschool & infant) 

Address: 258 Pasir Ris Street 21, #02-23 Loyang Point, Singapore 510258

Telephone: +65 6881 8818

Kinderland @ Marine Parade (preschool & infant)

Address: 87 Marine Parade Central, #03-201, Singapore 440087

Telephone: +65 6881 8818 

Kinderland @ Siglap

Address: 6 Lakme Street, Singapore 456903

Telephone: +65 6881 8818

Kinderland @ Upper Changi (Preschool)

Address: 769 Upper Changi Road East, Singapore 486880

Telephone: +65 6881 8818

7. Lorna Whiston @ Kallang

preschools and kindergarten

(Picture: Lorna Whiston website)

Lorna Whiston is a brand-new, purpose-built early years facility set in Kallang Wave Mall. Their focus is to provide positive early learning experiences that encourage children to explore and discover, question and create.

There are so many opportunities for learning that includes: bilingual programme, enrichment masterclasses, small class sizes, and individualised reading programmes.

Besides, the class size is small with two fully qualified teachers in each class — allowing your child to get the individual attention that they need. Definitely only one of the more conducive preschools and kindergarten you can find.

Teacher to child ratio:
  • Playgroup (18 months to 2 years old) 1:10
  • Nursery 1 (2 to 3 years old) 1:10
  • Nursery 2 (3 to 4 years old) 1:10
  • Kindergarten 1 (4 to 5 years old) 1:10
  • Kindergarten 2 (5 to 6 years old) 1:10

Lorna Whiston website

Operating Hours

Saturdays: 2pm – 6pm

Sundays: 8.45am – 6pm

Location and contact information

Lorna Whiston @ Kallang Wave Mall 

Address: #01-28 Kallang Wave Mall, 397628, 1 Stadium Place

Telephone: +65 6664 8150

Email: [email protected]

8. My Little Campus (2 locations in the East)

preschools and kindergarten

Educators in My Little Campus believe that learning should be tackled at the root — encouraging intrinsic motivation in learning. (Photo: My Little Campus Facebook page)

Young children are like sponges and have the capacity to absorb new information quickly. At My Little Campus, the aim is to provide them with unlimited learning opportunities.

My Litte Campus focuses on comprehensive learning experience in Math, Science, English and Mandarin. This is to help the children prepare for the rigors of Singapore’s primary school education. 

Strong mandarin practices are also reinforced here. Enrichment programmes such as Chinese Speech & Drama and Chinese Abacus will give the little tots more exposure to the Chinese language and have a better grasp of it. Teachers here try to incorporate fun elements to make learning Chinese an enjoyable process too!

My Little Campus website

Location and contact information

My Little Campus @ Pasir Ris

Address: 735 Pasir Ris Street 72, #02-344, Singapore 510735

Telephone: +65 6582 4898

Email: [email protected]

My Little Campus @ Bedok Reservoir 

Address: 718 Bedok Reservoir Rd, #01-4572, Singapore 470718

Telephone: +65 6446 3393

Email: [email protected]

Operating Hours

Monday to Fridays: 7am – 7pm

Saturday: 7am – 2pm

9. Odyssey The Global Preschool (2 locations in the East)

preschools and kindergarten

(Picture: Odyssey The Global Preschool website)

Odyssey The Global Preschool is set within a fully-equipped Reggio Emilia inspired campus, specially designed for exploratory and self-directed learning.

The preschool’s programmes promote the children’s interests and their natural quest for knowledge; leading to experiences in problem solving, inquiry, investigation, discovery and active hands-on explorations.

The preschool curriculum (3-6 years) here involves:

  • Project work
  • Chinese Language Immersion
  • Literacy curriculum
  • Creative curriculum
  • Math inquiry curriculum

What’s more, the centre prides themselves on fostering relationships within the Odyssey community — parents are akin to long-time friends. They even engage their children in eco-projects in their very own orchard and herb garden!

Operating hours: 7am – 7pm (Mondays to Fridays, except public holidays)

Odyssey The Global Preschool Website

Location and contact information

Odyssey The Global Preschool @ Odyssey De Loyang

Centre Director: Monica Wee

Address: 191 Jalan Loyang Besar, Singapore 506996

Telephone: +65 6781 8800

Email: [email protected]

Odyssey The Global Preschool @ Wilkinson (IB Accredited)

Centre Director: Egeria Teo

Address: 101 Wilkinson Road, Singapore 436559 

Telephone: +65 6781 8800

Email: [email protected]

10. Pat’s Schoolhouse (2 locations in the East)

preschools and kindergarten

“At Pat’s Schoolhouse, it is our aspiration to give children a vibrant and memorable childhood, while building a strong foundation which prepares them to become Challengers of the future.” | Source: Pat’s Schoolhouse website

One of the best preschools and kindergarten in Singapore, Pat’s Schoolhouse believes in being boldvivacious and inspiring and hopes to impart that to children — to bring them up as confident and courageous individuals.

Embracing a child’s playfulness is extremely important as it helps to inspire them in becoming happy explorers! Pat’s Schoolhouse adopts an Inquiry-Embedded Play Approach to teaching and learning. It carefully revolves around planning intentional, meaningful and thought-provoking inquiry-embedded play-based learning experiences to support children’s holistic development.

Also, it’s an open secret — Pat’s Schoolhouse is the first preschool to integrate Mandarin into their curriculum! Since then, they have gone beyond the usual Chinese class by weaving Mandarin into every aspect of a child’s day. They cater to children from 2 months to 6 years of age. 

Pat’s Schoolhouse website

Address: 15A Changi Business Park Central 1, #07-01, Singapore 486035 

Telephone: +65 6781 2288

Email: [email protected]

Schedule a visit to Pat’s Schoolhouse here!

For the various Centre Locations and their contact information, please click below:



11. Small Wonder

preschools and kindergarten

Small Wonder will be opening its sixth centre in Tampines. (Picture: Small Wonder Singapore Facebook)

Small Wonder’s Preschool curriculum, meant for kids 4 to 6 years, adopts a cognitive approach that enables children to learn through interactions with their everyday experiences. Children will develop these skills: EQ and life skills, knowledge of the community and the world, skills development and communication and literacy skills.

With high quality and progressive education, they prove themselves as one of the best preschools and kindergarten in Singapore. 

Register your interest to check out the centre by scheduling a visit here

Small Wonder’s website

Mums and dads, if you’re living in the Tampines area or nearby, don’t miss out on the grand opening of its Tampines centre. It will be happening very soon on 29 September 2018, Saturday, from 10 am to 2 pm.

Tampines Centre highlights:

  • Indoor exploratory and play area
  • Facial recognition safety feature
  • Fully air-conditioned

Location and contact information

Small Wonder Tampines

Address: Tampines North Drive 5, Level 3, Singapore 528548

Click here to RSVP now, or reach them at +65 6786 0066 or [email protected]!

12. White Lodge (2 locations in the East)

preschools and kindergarten

The preschool and kindergarten caters to kids from 6 months to 6.5 years. (Picture: White Lodge Facebook page)

White Lodge stems from the shared efforts of its dedicated members of staff, as well as the passion and direction from the Founder, Ms Jayne Nadarajoo. Being committed to maintaining a high teacher-child ratio and having well trained local and expatriate teachers makes them one of the best preschools and kindergarten in Singapore.

Mums and dads, you’re in good hands as the curriculum is deeply rooted in an organic state of growth, based on the most current theories and research in early childhood education.

The curriculum is delivered through the following subjects:

  • Arts & Craft
  • Sensory Activities
  • Drama
  • Music and Movement
  • Gross and Fine Motor Activities
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Science

If you’re interested in a school tour (between Monday and Fridays), you may complete the form here. A White Lodge Principal will be in contact with you to confirm arrangements. 

Head Office
White Lodge Education Group Services Pte Ltd

Address: Blk 970, Toa Payoh North, #06-01, Singapore 318992

Telephone: +65 6255 4230

White Lodge website

preschools and kindergarten

White Lodge East Coast offers facilities for preschools and kindergarten in Marine Parade and the surrounding areas. (Picture: White Lodge website)

White Lodge Kindergarten @ East Coast

The East Coast centre accepts students from ages 1 ½ to 6 years. They even offer parent and child classes! As long as they are aged between 6 months to 2.5 years, and there are parents or caregivers (including helpers) involved.

This centre has an outdoor play area and indoor gym to promote physical fitness for every pupil. Their play areas facilitate language development as well as mathematical and scientific awareness skills. 

Address: 102 Guillemard Road, #02-01 (Former Badminton Hall)

Telephone: +65 6440 6690

preschools and kindergarten

Set in a quiet neighbourhood setting in the Tampines estate. (Picture: White Lodge website)

White Lodge @ Upper East Coast

This centre is equipped with dress up and imaginative play and library. There’s also a grassed outdoor play area with a climbing frame and trampoline; an indoor play area; and a planting area at the back of the centre so children can watch their plants grow. 

Address: 36 Toh Drive, Singapore 507889

Telephone: +65 6543 1802

Find A Centre That Feels Like Home

Perhaps you haven’t made your minds about where to send your little ones to. But fret not! With some research — like looking through our guides — and visiting the centres’ website and facebook pages, you can find out a lot more about their culture and offerings.

Ultimately, go with what you (or your child) feel the most comfortable with. No matter how stellar the curriculum is, it should provide an environment where your child feels safe to learn. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of preschools and kindergarten in the East.

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