'No Hong Bao Please', Says Newly Wed Taiwanese Model Lin Chi Ling

'No Hong Bao Please', Says Newly Wed Taiwanese Model Lin Chi Ling

Very interesting! But why?

In most Asian cultures such as in Singapore, giving ‘Hong Bao’—or red packets—are a norm especially when it comes to celebrating special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and during Chinese New Year. Hong baos are also given as a token of respect to elders. However, in the case of Taiwanese model Lin Chi Ling wedding, it appears to be the opposite.

Lin Chi-Ling recently got married to 38 year-old Japanese actor-singer Akira on Sunday, 17 Nov, according to The Straits Times. The 44-year old told her guests not to give her hongbao. 

If not hongbao, then what else should her guests be giving? 

Lin Chi Ling Wedding

Lin Chi Ling Wedding with her husband, Akira. (Screengrab from TVBS | FACEBOOK)

Lin Chi Ling Wedding Goes Traditional

Turns out, Lin had plans of her own: going through the traditional route. 

Lin’s wedding was held in at the Tainan Art Museum in Tainan where her father’s home town resides, as reported by The Straits Times.

Her choice had led to a win “for the authorities in Tainan who want to reap publicity and ramp up its tourism appeal” [sic].

Despite that, the challenge came in the form of them not knowing what appropriate gifts to bestow to Lin. It was said to be “harder to tackle than fielding a candidate for elections,” as told by the authorities to The Straits Times.

To Give Only The Best

As told to The Straits Times, Tainan mayor Huang Wei-cher said that the authorities decided to treat the wedding as though the city was “giving Lin away”. 

Items such as oil, salt, firewood, vinegar and tea were one of the items linked to traditional marriage rites that were gifted away to Akira’s family. Of course, it was said that only the “best sources in Tainan” would be taken into consideration.

The couple was said to have received a set of silk bedsheets and pillow cases, in addition to dried longan and longan honey in anticipation of sons in the family, according to Taipei Times. 

Other Notable Celebs Who Turned Up

The expected turn up was about 100 people, reported by The Straits Times. Invitations were sent to TV host Dee Hsu, comedian Mickey Huang, actress Ariel Lin and Chinese-American singer-songwriter Wang Leehom, among other influential figures. 

It was a joyous affair for the Lin and Akira couple as they gave out their speeches and received well wishes from beloved family and friends. The ceremony took place from the early afternoon. 

Watch the full video for the live telecast with Lin donning a Ralph Lauren gown, here.

Our heartiest congratulations to Lin Chi-Ling and Akira!

Source: TVBS News, The Straits Times

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