Singapore father saves son from lift doors

Singapore father saves son from lift doors

A malfunctioning lift has nearly caused a horrific accident in Singapore. If it wasn’t for the quick actions of a father, this could be a very different story. The incident has eerie similarities to the lift accident in China last month, which decapitated a woman. Find out more about this and lift safety.

Lift safety

Lift safetyquestioned after boy’s near miss

A family of four have experienced a close call with a malfunctioning lift. The Lim family were in the lift when it began to rise – with the doors still open. The incident happened as the family were returning to their seventh-story flat, in Tampines.

A 5-year-old boy was not fully inside the lift, but his Father’s quick actions saved the day. Mr Lim told reporters: “I was alert and held on to my son’s hand and managed to pull him back into the lift.”

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The lift then ascended half a level, with the doors still open. Once it had stopped between floors, Mr Lim frantically pressed the alarm.

Eventually the doors closed and it started moving again. When the family arrived at the tenth floor, they rushed out to safety.

China lift accident

An alert father may have saved his son’s life here. Last month, a similar incident happened in China, which ended in the decapitation of a young nurse and aroused concerns over lift safety.

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In this separate horrific incident, a malfunctioning lift trapped a woman in the lift doors. She was unable to free herself as it descended. It was reported that the victim was playing on her phone and was unaware that she was in danger.

Watch the news report of the accident in China here:

An example on lift safety

The father’s actions (holding the boy’s hand and being alert), acts as an excellent example of lift safety, especially when you have a family.

Lifts are not something we should be afraid of, despite recent news stories suggesting otherwise. Lifts are incredible safe – statistically you’re more at risk taking the stairs.

However, due to this incident happening in Singapore, we would like to remind you of some important lift safety tips:

 – When with children, ensure they are paying attention, or hold their hand when they are entering and exiting the lift. This exact point may have saved a young boy’s life in Singapore.

– Don’t try to squeeze into an already crowded lift.

– Look up when exiting through the doors.

– Do not try to manually operate the lift doors.

– Ensure all loose garments are away from the closing doors.

– When walking in and out, avoid using a mobile phone.

Another lift safety incident – man get trapped for 41 hours!

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