Brave father dies after saving 2 girls

Brave father dies after saving 2 girls

Such is life, when a brave act ends tragically for the hero himself. This man risked his life and died while saving two girls from a speeding train.

A 36-year-old father saved two girls from being hit by a fast-moving train but tragically, he could not avoid death himself. Raj Narain Mahato was walking his children to a nearby clinic in Samaipur Badli, when he saw two girls crossing the railway tracks near the Badli train station.

An eyewitness who went by the name of Mahender, spoke to The Times India and said that Mahato raised the alarm and immediately bolted towards the tracks where the girls were.  The girls were oblivious of the approaching train.  He added, ‘He pushed the two children away from the tracks, but then he slipped on the loose stones there and was run over.’

This is not the first case of a speeding train colliding with a person.  Barely two days ago, four people including a four-year-old boy was hit by a train as their car crossed over the railway track in Hyderabad.  Meanwhile in Badli, locals alleged that there were no railway under-bridges or over-bridges in the area, making crossing over really risky.

"Repeated requests to the railways have fallen on deaf ears," claimed Mahender.

Northern Railway, however, said people always cross over tracks without caring for their safety when designated corridors with manned level crossings have been constructed a few metres ahead.

The man who died while saving the two girls, reacted based on his fatherly instincts.  Mahato was a father of four and earned a living through painting jobs as well as working at the Public Call Office.  He married his sister-in-law after the passing of his late brother in order to take care of her two children and her.  He also has two other children with her.  During that eventful day, only two of his kids were with him.

His bravery did not go unnoticed as readers of The Times India applauded his heroic act while they too mourn his unfortunate demise.  Many have also stepped forward to seek ways of helping his family after his death.  Men like these are hard to come by.  How many people are courageous enough to step forward and render aid to those in need while risking their own lives?  Would you risk your life for someone else's children if the need arises?  Share with us your opinions.

Sources: The India Times (city), The India Times (Hyderabad)

Photo credit: ssdslanka

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