10 lies by celebrity mums EVERYONE could see through

10 lies by celebrity mums EVERYONE could see through

They may mean well but their fans tend to see through them when they sugarcoat their pregnancy and parenthood journey

Sure, there are the likes of Adele and Kate Hudson who have been candid about the struggles of parenting. But there are many celebrities (whom we shall not name) who have committed common lies of omission about the wonders of motherhood.

They may be great actresses but, really, they're not fooling their fans who know when they're leaving out some of the gory details of being a mum.

1. "My post-birth recovery was comfortable."

Many celebrity mums project how they're "resting comfortably" after birth. This may be true for some but for many mums, whether you're post-vaginal or CS delivery, comfortable is that last word that comes to mind when asked about your experience post-partum.

2. "I craved fruits while pregnant."

While this may very well be true for some mums, this isn't always the case. Sure, it's nice to project how they ALWAYS ate healthy while expecting but we know that, at one point or another, they craved cheesy nachos and a big juicy burger.

3. "My co-workers were very supportive."

Not all jobs are family-friendly, especially in Hollywood. When they get morning sickness or need to breastfeed on set, we're sure more than eyebrow was raised. They probably didn't notice.

4. "I want to have more and more kids."

Right after birth, it's hard to imagine going through all of that again. Sure, once our kids are grown, we'll be more open to the idea but it's not really believable when celeb mums say they want to start the process immediately.

5. "My husband is a natural."

In a perfect world, husbands instantly take to parenthood like a duck takes to water. But that's not always the case.

So, celeb mums should forgive us for not getting on board right away when they say their partners just get parenting.

6. "I couldn't wait to have sex again!"

Many mums really don't think about sex much after giving birth so it's really unlikely that they've been dying to be cleared by their doctor to resume intimacy.

7. "Our pets get along with the baby."

Not all pets develop an attachment to their owners' offspring right from the get-go. And with good reason. No matter how much their celeb parents love them, they've been demoted to second best.

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8. "My only secret to weight loss is breastfeeding."

Breastfeeding has been proven to hasten weight loss but celebrity mums have a slew of resources to aid the process such as personal trainers and customised diet plans with meals delivered at their doorstep.

9. "I love my new curves."

Sure, we're all for celebrities embracing their new bodies. But we long for the one who'll just own up to wanting to lose weight.

But more power to the ones who really are loving their new shape.

10. "My baby is an angel."

You've probably heard this time and again: "My baby never cries" or "My baby sleeps through the night. But most celeb mums have a night nurse so often, this may be a partial lie since these celebrity mums are the ones who usually sleep through the night.

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