9 little white lies all parents tell their kids at least once

9 little white lies all parents tell their kids at least once

A list of the most common white lies that parents tell their kids

At a young age we're taught that lying is bad. Lying is something that will get us in trouble and we should never do it. As we grow older, we start to see that certain types of lies are a little more accepted than we were once taught. As parents, we learn that a white lie can be a useful resource. Whether we use them to discipline our children, or to impart some positive ideologies, the white lie is a big part of parenting.

Here are nine of the most common little white lies we tell our kids:

1. “Mummy and daddy are taking a nap”

9 Little White Lies We Tell Our KidsSometimes mummy and daddy need a little bit of private time. NO KIDS ALLOWED!

2. “Don’t lie or your nose will grow”

9 Little White Lies We Tell Our KidsYou don’t want to end up like Pinocchio, do you?

3. “If you keep making that face, it’ll stay that way”

9 Little White Lies We Tell Our KidsDon’t worry, kiddo, that’s a good look for you!

4. “He went to live on a farm”

not sure ifSpot is okay, honey. He just went to live out his days on a great big farm.

5. “If you’re naughty, Santa will bring you coal”

naughty listPlaystation 4? Nope—you’re getting coal!

6. “You can be anything you want to be”

you can do anythingNot quite. Some hard work and discipline are needed.

7. “Winning isn’t everything”

if youre not firstWinning isn’t everything. But it sure is better than losing!

8. “Babies come from the stork”

The Stork

When a mummy and daddy love each other very much…they call the stork.

9. “Life is short”

life is shortLife is short but you should make the most of it because time will fly by.


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