LG : Safest technology for your family

LG : Safest technology for your family

Life is about more than having the latest technology. It is about the experiences technology creates and how safe this technology is for consumers. Global leader and technology innovator, LG Electronics, strongly believes that a green and healthy lifestyle begins at home and hopes to commit to this through its latest line of washing machines and dishwashers. Aside from this, its mobile devices are equipped with a feature that provides relief and comfort to those worried about a parent or family member.

Latest models of LG Washing Machine

Latest models of LG Washing Machine

LG Washing Machines & Dishwashers – Washing the SMART way

The new models are equipped with LG’s Door Safety Lock which is a built-in safety feature that forces the door to automatically lock and is designed to prevent people from getting injured or disrupting the cycle. The new washers are also outfitted with an Aqua Lock which is a water overflow protection system that prevents leakage and flooding during a cycle.

LG Dishwasher with Door Safety Lock system

LG Dishwasher with Door Safety Lock system

The Medic Rinse and Baby Care features are perfectly suited for families who have little ones in the house. The warm temperature in the washing machine helps to remove germs and bacteria from the clothes, and the advanced motor provides gentle washing to maintain the softness and quality of the laundry. At the same time, the tub of the machine is kept clean and disinfected from bacteria and mould.

The new units are SMART-ready as well, to help consumers in terms of Saving money by operating when energy prices are low, increase Performance and Convenience as well as ensuring a safe and Healthy environment at home.


LG Optimus G - Paving the way

LG Optimus G – Paving the way

LG Mobile Phones – Paving the way for Emergency Alerts

We can all use a little less to worry about. Accidents happen, especially when you have kids or elderly at home. But being prepared can prevent many or stop them from becoming more serious.

The unique UX feature, Safety Care, which is only available in LG devices (such as the Optimus G and Optimus L9) allows specified persons to be notified of calls to emergency numbers with a text message including the location of the call. Family members can also be alerted if a phone has not been used within a certain amount of time.

SafetyCare allows families to feel rest assured knowing that they will always be in touch with a family member and never again will stress and anxiety cultivate from a parent or family member not answering a phone call.

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Sandra Ong

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