Letting go of the hang-ups and love yourself

Letting go of the hang-ups and love yourself

Bid adieu to your hang-ups and insecurities to enjoy a healthy, wholesome life with meaningful relationships.


Learn to let go

We may each have various hang-ups about life that we carry forward from past relationships loves, childhood experiences and cultural conceptions. These hang-ups affect the way we conduct our everyday lives and the attitudes with which we meet each day – and the people in it. If we manage unshackle ourselves from the burden of these hang-ups, general feelings of dissatisfaction and negativity will slowly dissipate.

Take a moment to dive into yourself and discover what real feelings, love, urges, curiosities and desires you want to explore. Then, give yourself the honest opportunity to experience them. Let go of your inhibitions and free your mind – become vulnerable to yourself. When you are more in tune with yourself and your emotions, you are better able to have fulfilling relationships with those around you.

In a relationship with a romantic or sexual partner, letting go of your hang-ups will help build intimacy and security. If you embrace yourself and delight in the expression of your individuality, your partner will do the same. Creating more love in the atmosphere.  The hang-ups and insecurities that we have are only self-restrictive, pleasure-inhibiting and totally pointless.  Your journey of self-discovery will bind you further to the person you are with if you give of yourselves to each other completely.


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Written by

Vania Tan

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