“With gratitude, to my husband”

“With gratitude, to my husband”

As busy and often stressed-out mums, we sometimes forget to thank our supportive partners for everything they do for us. Read this grateful mum's letter to her husband, thanking him for all those times (and more) she forgot to be grateful...

Dear husband,

Late at night one day, after finally getting the boys to sleep, I sat down with a sigh on the sofa. I had been on my feet for most of the day looking after them, running errands and working.

And I was so tired.

So tired that I didn’t even notice you ruffling my hair on your way to the kitchen. So tired that I barely smiled at you when you gave me a steaming cup of green tea.

As I lay down that night to sleep, something was bothering me. And then it struck me – ever since becoming a mum, I barely say “thank you” to you for the myriad ways you support me and the kids. For doing your part as a parent.

So thank you.

Thank you for letting me sleep in on the weekends. When I wake up, you’ve already got our breakfast on the table, given the boys their favourite breakfasts ever, and got them ready to face the day.

Thank you for coming home from work and listening to me vent. You really didn’t need to know in detail how the little one vomited after he ate the last mouthful of his food. And that I caught the vomit in my hands.

You don’t really need to know how stressed I sometimes usually always get from running after the kids and working from home at the same time. How angry I was at that horrid driver who tail-gated me on my way home from the school run. How I could so do with a back rub right about now.

And of course you obliged.

As I vent, I often forget that you too wake up at the crack of dawn, you often get the kids ready for school, you work as hard – probably harder – than I do.

And when you get back home, you don’t take a break. You throw yourself into the dinnertime-bathtime-bedtime ritual immediately.

You didn’t hesitate to agree when I told you that I needed to go away for a few days to help my parents out as my mum was having surgery.

I have to admit that I thought to myself, “how on earth is he going to manage?” But manage you did, and like a Boss, at that.

letter to my husband

“Thank you for never letting me worry about the kids when I am away from them”

Thank you for quietly listening to my detailed descriptions of “how to look after and manage the boys 101” while I was away. Not once, but every day. Sometimes twice a day.

And never once did you call me to tell me that you had a rough day. That the little one threw a tantrum while you were doing the marketing. That the bigger one forgot to tell you he had homework, until it was almost time to go to bed.

No, you only called me to reassure me that all was okay. So thank you.

You always tell the boys to be grateful to have a mother like me. You gather them and me in the warmth of your hug every day and whisper to us all how much you love us.

I don’t tell our children enough to be thankful to have a father like you. How lucky they are and how lucky I am.

So, Thank You.

With Gratitude, always,

Your wife.

When was the last time you thanked your husband? Let’s make it a habit to appreciate our loved ones while they are still in our lives…

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