Love for Animals Unleashed a Boy's Entrepreneurial Spirit

Love for Animals Unleashed a Boy's Entrepreneurial Spirit

An eleven-year old boy makes $115,000 just by selling lemonade. Find out how he did it.

Kyle Orent from Long Island has already made $115,000 (about S$ 160,000) in his business. No big deal? Well, Kyle is only 11 years old and his product is just lemonade.

Kyle started selling lemonade at the age of seven to race funds for his favourite charity, the Canine Companions for Independence (CCI). Kyle said he really likes animals and appreciates how they help people with physical disabilities.  Because of this, he opened a lemonade "business" where he gave bookmarks and answered questions about CCI. People could drink Kyle's lemonade for free but they were encouraged to give donations for CCI. Kyle's initial goal was $20,000 but he has already surpassed that mark a long time ago.

Aside from setting up a lemonade "business" , Kyle has also sold his toys, ran in races and organized charity online auctions to support CCI. He tried his best to contact celebrities and ask them to donate items for the auctions.

Kyle has been in the "business" for five years now but his passion for the cause is still unwavering. His motto in life is simple: "I think you are never too little to make a difference." He encourages other kids to make an impact in their society by doing little things.

What do you think can we do to encourage our kids to try making a difference in our society?

Photo from: Kyle's Lemonade

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Written by

Roshni Mahtani

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