Lele just cannot wait

Lele just cannot wait

Shilin Sim shares her labour story with theAsianparent.com


It was my 38th week and a day after Children's Day. I took an early bath and headed off to see Dr Beh for my checkup. But as I was dressing, I could feel a slight cramp down below, not sure if all was good.

It was time for my turn to see the gynae and Dr Beh was examining me when he said that I was already diluting and my fluid was getting too little for the baby so I had to get admitted now. It was 11am when I heard that. I waited for an hour and gyane broke my waterbag to induce birth.

1pm, hubby came in straight from his work. I was thinking that it will last till the night before this little boy wants to come out. The pain was unbearable. I decided to use epidural but I needed to wait.

2pm, nurse got me into the labour ward. I cannot bear the pain anymore and the anaesthetist was just at the carpark. The nurse checked and said that my boy was coming out even when I was only 7cm diluted. While the anaesthetist was coming up on the lift, I was already pushing. Dr Beh came just in time to deliver him. Everything was happening so fast that I did not even realise what was going on and there he was on my chest. It was a relief that hubby was around or else I really do not know what to do.

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Tiffany Yip

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