A quick and reliable solution for sore throats and chesty coughs

A quick and reliable solution for sore throats and chesty coughs

We've discovered the perfect two-in-one solution to your little one's sore throats and chesty coughs! Keep reading to find out what it is.

If you have young kids, especially school-going kids. you know how easily they tend to pick up bugs. To a parent this could be a tough time.

Not only is it hard to watch your child being in pain, the persistent and hacking cough and runny nose can really worry you.

Not to mention — kids are not as worried about hygiene as us adults. So they would not think twice about wiping their nose with their hands or coughing without covering their mouth.

To top this, there’s often very little you can do to relieve the sore throat, other than give your child foods and drinks that will help soothe — and not aggravate — the symptoms.

leftose for sore throat

A sore throat can be really painful, especially to a kid.

At times like this, you’ll find that having something that quickly gives relief will be most handy.

Sometimes though, regular throat lozenges are way too big and strongly flavoured for a young child’s delicate palate.

Why not try something else then? Maybe something like a small tablet which is yummy and perfect for little ones —especially those who put up a fight when you ask them to take syrups.

Something like Leftose, which is small in size and has a yummy, sweet-ish flavour… which is why it’s sure to become your little one’s preferred choice when having a sore throat!

What’s more, you can expect quick relief for your child’s sore throat after he takes Leftose, as it reduces the pain and inflammation that causes the sore throat.

leftose for sore throat

Leftose for sore throat – Helps to soothe a sore throat by reducing the inflammation causing it.

Targeting that pesky cough

A cold or flu bug can also easily bring on that much-dreaded chesty cough. When you or your child gets this awful cough you will need something that acts fast.


Does your heart sink when you see how that chesty cough makes your little one super uncomfortable?

That something is Leftose!

In addition to relieving sore throats, Leftose thins and breaks down phlegm, which is then dissolved from the air passage walls — giving you much needed relief and making it that much easier to cough out the phlegm.

Speaking in practical terms, Leftose for sore throat comes in tablets as opposed to a syrup, which makes it easier for mums to carry around.

Years of trusted relief

Leftose is a high quality product of Japan that has been sold in Singapore for over 30 years. All these years, it was mainly dispensed by family doctors.


Some kids just don’t like to take medicines.

If you or your little one happen to have been given Leftose by your doctor for a sore throat or cough in the past, you’d know how well it works!

It is a 2-in-1 solution formulated with the natural enzyme Lysozyme that targets those irritatingly painful sore throats and annoying chesty coughs together, giving the affected person quick, soothing relief.


Leftose is yummy and sweet. Your little one is sure to like it.

Double heroes to the rescue!

We’ve got good news for you — Leftose is now available in retail packs of 50’s at all Guardian pharmacies & Unity stores!


Look for Leftose’s cute ‘Double Heroes’ Ninja and Samurai on your next visit to the pharmacy.

If you have used Leftose for sore throat in the past as part of your doctor’s prescription, then you will find having it available over the counter at pharmacies to be very convenient.

So look out for the Leftose icons — the ‘Double Heroes’ Ninja and Samurai — during your next trip to the pharmacy and make sure to stock up on a pack of Leftose!


Leftose packs of 50 tablets/pack are now available at pharmacies.

Do you want to read more useful information about Leftose? Just click here.

So mums, tell us — have you or your little one used Leftose for sore throat in the past? Do let us and our readers know how well Leftose worked by leaving a comment below.

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Written by

Minoli Almeida

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