Lee Wei Ling Gets Lost and Fractures Leg in Fort Canning, Rescued 6 Hours Later

Lee Wei Ling Gets Lost and Fractures Leg in Fort Canning, Rescued 6 Hours Later

Despite her ordeal, Lee had faith in Singapore "where no one can remain lost for long".

One of the comforting things about living in Singapore is knowing that it is a relatively safe country to be in—even if one is to roam the streets at night. 

But as safe as Singapore can be, unexpected incidents can sometimes happen. 

Lee Wei Ling Gets Lost and Fractures Leg

Such is the case for Dr. Lee Wei Ling, daughter to Singapore’s Founding father, the late Lee Kuan Yew. She not only found herself lost in Fort Canning Park but also suffered an injury. 

Taking to a Facebook (3 Sep) to recount her experience, Lee said she was walking alone in Fort Canning Park on the night of 5 July when she realised that she was lost. 

“I made a wrong turn and ended up at a cul de sac near a cemetery next to a huge YMCA building,” the 65-year-old neurologist wrote.

“There was a snapping sound and sharp pain in my right thigh when I took a step.”

It was when Lee knew that she had fractured her right femur—the only bone located within the human thigh—as it wasn’t her first time experiencing this. 

“I fell on my back and when I tried to turn prone to crawl back to the path, bone end rubbed against bone end and all the thigh muscles went into spasm in a ball around the fracture site. My ability to Ren(忍) or put up with the pain was overwhelmed (sic),” said Lee.

Lee Wei Ling Gets Lost and Fractures Leg in Fort Canning, Rescued 6 Hours Later

It was said that Lee Wei Ling gets lost and fractures leg at about 8pm. | Image source: Google maps screengrab

Unable to walk, Lee said she tried to call out to her dog and helper whom she thought was waiting for her at her starting point, near to where she had fallen down. 

Although Lee was “met by dead silence”, she said that she was not afraid. “After all this is Singapore where no one can remain lost for long,” she added.

According to Lee’s post, she was found by the police at 2 am after approximately 6 hours of “waiting in the damp dank soil” from 8 pm. 

Relieved that she had been found, Dr. Lee asked to be taken to the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) as she had received numerous treatments there over the years.

Lee Wei Ling Gets Lost and Fractures Leg

Image source: Wikipedia/Dayana Rizal

The 65-year-old subsequently underwent treatment by the son of an orthopedic surgeon whom she was previously under the care of for many years. He also operated on her fractured femur and fixed it with a rod. 

“That spared me many weeks on traction and months of rehabilitation. Because of the rod, I could start rehabilitation immediately,” said Lee. 

Despite the ordeal, including Lee having to deal with an “uncomfortably full bladder” and black ants crawling all over her, she said she is grateful that nothing worse happened. 

She also showed her appreciation for the police, ambulance staff and the doctors and nurses as she ended her post: “All in all, I thanked my lucky stars. I am grateful to the police who found me, the ambulance staff who immobilised my leg, and took me to hospital, and the doctors and nurses who looked after me while I was warded.” 

You can view Lee’s full post here:

Lead image source: Wikipedia and Google maps.


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