Exciting new skills for kids at the Discover Me Multi-Activity Camp

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These June 2017 school holidays, sign your kids up for the Discover Me activity camp that will give them the chance to discover their hidden talents and the confidence to pursue new activities.

Your kids are counting down the hours until the June school holidays and dreaming of days spent playing video games, relaxing with their friends and above all, not opening a single textbook. 

However, we all know that an entire month of doing nothing quickly becomes boring which raises the question, what to plan for the kids over the school break?

Smart activities for smart kids at Smarter Me!

Smarter Me has organised their first set of Discover Me camps running from June 12-16, 2017 with one camp for kids aged 5-6 years old and the other for kids aged 7-12 years old.

Smarter Me is making use of their team of experienced partners who will be running a diverse and exciting series of activities for the kids. Each of the five days of the camp follows a specific theme and focuses on a different set of skills.

Activities at Discover Me camps

Day 1 – One With Nature

The week starts with an appreciation for the healing power of nature. The Little Discoverers will learn yoga from Rainbow Child, discover barre with Called to the Barre and explore their creative side with photography tips from Panoramic Kids.

Day 2 – Building Their Future

On the second day of camp, Discover Me looks to the future. Everyone will start the day learning the programming language Scratch with the award-winning team from Coding Lab. Using Scratch, the Little Discoverers will be able to create their own animations and games.

The Coding Lab at Discover Me Holiday Camp

Coding Lab at Discover Me Holiday Camp (Image courtesy of Smarter Me)

After learning the language of the future, the younger camp will spend the second part of the day with Whizz Kidz, an educational group that encourages kids to create and innovate by challenging them to invent new products.

The older camp will work with Whizz Kidz setting up their own businesses and learn about business issues, writing a business plan and how to present these plans confidently. Kids will go home with the satisfaction that they will have experienced the business world and done something they previously thought only adults could do.

Day 3 – Fit Body Fit Mind

Discover Me hits the midweek energetic peak with a full day of athletic events. Sport4Kids takes over for a day exciting team sports to teach the Little Discoverers about the importance of working together with the focus on having fun and celebrating new skills with teammates.

Sport4Kids at Discover Me June holiday camp

Sport4Kids at Discover Me June holiday camp (Image courtesy of Smarter Me)

Day 4 – Creator’s Studio

On Day 4, the Little Discoverers will get their creative juices flowing focusing on tactile skills including cooking and pottery lessons. Working with The Little Things, the campers will learn to cook chicken soya sauce noodles and bake cinnamon buns. Center Pottery will teach the basics of clay moulding and then encourage the kids to get artistic when choosing the colours for their pottery creations.

Day 5 – Immersive Minds

The final day brings together creativity and technology. The Little Discoverers will start the day with Little Art Connoisseur who will lead the kids in art jamming, learning art technique through acrylic painting.

The Whizz Kidz will be turning the younger kids into junior scientists who have been set the task of solving a crime using science. They’ll perform chemistry and forensic experiments as part of the Dr Franky Science Investigation.

The older kids will get a lesson using iMovies or Windows Movie Maker including basic video and sound editing techniques. Following the lessons, they’ll work as teams to create a script, clay animation characters and film their very own short film.

Cooking up a storm with The Little Things at Discover Me Holiday Camp (Image courtesy of Smarter Me)

Cooking up a storm with The Little Things at Discover Me Holiday Camp (Image courtesy of Smarter Me)

Smarter Me knows that parents hate to miss out on the fun, so the camp supervisors will be taking videos and pictures throughout the week to share with the parents. The kids will also create a journal to keep all their great memories from the week.

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