How toxic are your plates and mugs for kids?

How toxic are your plates and mugs for kids?

We tend to think kids are the safest in front of our eyes and in the comfort of our own homes. Find out what new research says about the mugs and plates your kids eat and drink out of, and how it can cause lead poisoning!

lead poisoning

Read more to find out how safe your kids really are eating at home?

Does feeding your children in the comfort of your own home and kitchen make you feel like they are safe? You might want to think again. Research shows that ceramic tableware may not be as safe as we expected it to be. A report by the New Straits Times states that experts, who conducted a study with twenty ceramic tableware samples, found that some tableware exceeds the safety limit when it comes to lead by 1,700 percent. In fact, one sample in particular, even exceeded the limit by 7,500 percent! Can you imagine using the same type of tableware for eating and drinking, which could actually be a source of poisoning our kids?

What is lead?
Lead is often used as finish for decorated materials. It enhances the colour of the decorations and makes it look more attractive. But lead could easily leach out if ceramic products are made carelessly. When lead is not properly formulated and not fired at the appropriate temperature, it may leach out into the food or drink from the ceramic tableware.

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The problem with lead poisoning
The results of this study are very alarming for everyone, especially for parents. What is more concerning, is that children are specifically at high-risk of contracting lead poisoning. The smallest amount of lead can be very harmful to children resulting into lead poisoning.

lead poisoning

How safe are your children really drinking out of mugs and eating out of plates at home?

Lead poisoning and kids
Lead has been proven to cause damage in the nervous system and affect children’s brain development. Studies show that there is a connection between the levels of lead in children’s bloodstream and their academic performance. Those with high levels of lead in their bloodstream, have low grades and are usually very anti-social. Lead is extremely harmful for very young children in particular, because it can easily be absorbed into the bones. Too much exposure of lead can cause serious damage to many organs and tissues. For mothers who are pregnant, exposure to lead can harm the fetus inside you as well.

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Since most of our ceramic tableware is made out-of-country, we are not really sure if manufacturers comply with the industry’s set standards for production. Since this is an unregulated area, it is truly difficult to be certain whether the ceramic tableware that we have in our homes is safe for us and our children. Make sure to do all the research before purchasing tableware for your household — It can be a matter of life and death.

Are you particular about the type of tableware you use? Share your tips and thoughts on lead poisoning with us below.

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