Last minute ideas for Mother's Day

Last minute ideas for Mother's Day

Sunday is Mother’s Day in Singapore. You have been so busy with work, school, managing the kids or going to the rallies, you haven’t planned anything. Don't fret, here are some last minute ideas for you to consider.

For many mothers, its the simplest gestures that count.  Getting a call from the children and even grandchildren to wish her 'Happy Mother's Day' will put a smile on her face.  For others, especially those with newborn babies or very young children, a solid 8 hours of rest is the best gift for them.

Mothers wear so many hats at any given point of the day.  Many just wish for the health and happiness of their children, and are happy spending time with them.

But a gesture of appreciation is always nice.  So, if you are not in town, send her flowers or perhaps an e-card if your mother is tech-savvy.  If you are in town, taking her out for a nice meal will definitely make her day.  Better yet, cook for her - breakfast, lunch or dinner, moms love it when someone else pamper them for a change.

Here are some quick ideas for you.

1) Call her for free

You can make free calls on iPhone  or skype.

2) Send her flowers, hampers or card

  1. offers up to 21% discount
  2. is a singapore online florist offering 24 hours flower delivery.  Bouquets starts from $39 and you get 15% discount when you’re a member with them.
  3. Wonderful Flora has over 23 years of experience in flowers and hampers delivery businesss.  Choose from over 600 designs, widest range in Singapore, promise quality, freshness, reliability and on-time delivery.

3) Take her out for a nice meal

For the mom who loves to eat, there's a variety of delightful culinary selections for you to choose from.  Check out f00d blogger ladyironchef for ideas on the best brunches and restaurants in town.

Alternatively, check out these places for sweet deals on Mother's Day.  Call ahead for reservations and availability.

Happy Mother's Day!


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