AVA recalls 'Totally Devoted' chocolate chip lactation cookies in Singapore

AVA recalls 'Totally Devoted' chocolate chip lactation cookies in Singapore

The AVA has revealed that all batches of Totally Devoted brand chocolate chip lactation cookies in Singapore have been recalled...

In a media release issued on 27 February 2019, the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) has revealed that all batches of  Totally Devoted brand chocolate chip lactation cookies in Singapore have been recalled.

The affected product, which is from New Zealand, is called ‘Feeding Cookies with Chocolate Chips (230g)’. The recall is applicable to all batches, regardless of the expiry date.

The lactation cookies were recalled because milk was not declared as an allergen in the product.

Totally Devoted brand chocolate chip lactation cookies in Singapore recalled

The Ministry for Primary Industries (New Zealand) had earlier issued an alert that all batches of ‘Feeding Cookies with Chocolate Chips’ under the Totally Devoted brand had been recalled due to the presence of an undeclared allergen (milk).

Since the product is imported by Singapore, AVA has directed the importer to recall the product as a precautionary measure. 

lactation cookies in Singapore


The AVA advises consumers with a milk allergy or intolerance to avoid consuming the product. Those who have consumed the implicated product and have concerns about their health should seek medical advice.

Those who have already purchased the implicated product may contact the importer at https://www.pupsikstudio.com/customer-support/contact-us.html for enquiries or exchange of the product.

Tips for those suffering from food allergies

Here are some tips for avoiding food allergens:

  • Read food ingredient labels thoroughly.

If a food does not have an ingredient label, it is safest to avoid that food. It is best to avoid products with advisory labels (i.e., “may contain”) for your specific allergen. 

  • Read ingredient statements for non-food products too.

These include products like lotions, soaps, hair care products, and medications etc. Ensure that these items do not contain an ingredient to which you are allergic.

  • When travelling, plan for how your food allergies will be managed.

Make sure you keep emergency medication in your hand luggage. Do not put these in checked luggage.

  • When eating out at a restaurant, double check with the waiter and chef about allergens.

  • If your child has food allergies, teach them which foods they must avoid and what these foods look like.

Teach them how to respond if friends offer food or drinks. Ensure that all those caring for or teaching your child are aware of the food allergy action plan and when/how to use medication to treat symptoms.

When allergies get severe

If your child has food allergies, it is important to know that sometimes, the child can have a more severe allergic reaction.

She may be wheezing and have breathing difficulties. Her blood pressure can drop, breathing tubes can narrow, and the tongue can swell.

This is known as anaphylaxis, or anaphylactic shock, and is sudden and life-threatening. 

The most common signs that someone might have anaphylaxis after exposure to an allergen are:

  • trouble breathing
  • throat tightness or feeling like the throat or airways are closing
  • hoarseness or trouble speaking
  • wheezing
  • nasal stuffiness or coughing
  • nausea, abdominal pain, or vomiting
  • fast heartbeat or pulse
  • skin itching, tingling, redness, or swelling

Please note that, anaphylaxis requires immediate medical attention. It can get worse very quickly.

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(Source: AVA)

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