My Precious Darius

My Precious Darius

Eileen Too, age 36, talks to about the delivery of her second son, Darius Ho Yan Heng.

Damien and Darius

Each pregnancy is different and each comes with it's own unique story.

This week, talks to stay-at-home mum, Eileen Too, age 36, about the delivery of her second son, Darius Ho Yan Heng. (TAP) : Was your pregnancy planned? And how old were you?

Eileen Too : Yes! I was 34.

TAP : What were your reactions?

Eileen Too : I cried (again!)

TAP : How did you know that you were pregnant?

Eileen Too : My taste buds changed.

TAP : Who did you first tell?

Eileen Too : Hubby!

TAP : Did you have morning sickness?

Eileen Too : Similar to my first pregnancy; I vomited throughout.

TAP : What did you crave?

Eileen Too : I did not have much of an appetite, but towards the end of the pregnancy, I craved for ice-creams and chocolates!

TAP : What irritated you the most?

Eileen Too : My slow weight gain and the lack of appetite.

TAP : How much weight did you gain in total?

Eileen Too : 6kg

TAP : Did you have any complications during your pregnancy?

Eileen Too : Low placenta and I had very itchy rashes on my tummy.

TAP : Where did you give birth?

Eileen Too : Mount Alvernia Hospital

TAP : How many hours were you in labour?

Eileen Too : It was just like my first born, Damien’s. Two hours after I was admitted, the baby's heartbeat dropped. An emergency c-section had to be performed but this time round, I had an epidural, so I was awake when the gynae begin the operation. It still gives me the creeps when think about it.

TAP : Who watched you give birth?

Eileen Too : Hubby, my gynae, the aesthetician and the nurses.

TAP : Was it natural or c-section?

Eileen Too : Emergency C-section

TAP : Did you take any painkillers?

Eileen Too : Besides the epidural, I did not take any pain killers.

TAP : What was Darius’s weight?

Eileen Too : 2.74kg

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Eileen Too

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