Labour story of Charlyne

Labour story of Charlyne

Cindy Khor Sooi Yee shares her labour story with

I was admitted to hospital twice before I finally gave birth.  The first time was due to bleeding. The doctors were unsure what causes the bleeding but they did checks and ultrasound to make sure that baby was fine. I was hospitalized for 2 days before I was discharged to await delivery at home. Exactly 1 day after I was discharged, at the same timing, 10a.m, I was re-admitted after a whole night's torture of contractions beginning around 4a.m... Spasfon also doesn't help


Initial checks show that my cervix was still not dilated much yet but as the contractions were getting more and more intense, the midwife thought the baby may arrive today & advised me to admit to the ward.

I'm like a walking zombie, trying my best to tolerate the unbearable pain. Thought I could request to induce but the midwife says no cos induction is for speeding up contractions but for my case, my contractions are already very intense, just that my stubborn cervix still don't want to dilate.

As advised, hubby & I went for walks around the ward & up & down the staircase to speed up my dilation but it doesn't seem to help. Time really passes very slowly, always full of hope whenever the midwife came to check, however it always ended up in disappointment until...

... I felt a very strong urge to poo, tried a couple of times but nothing came out, so fed up! Couldn't take it anymore & I decided 2 push it out no matter what. So I pushed with all my might until I felt so weak, guess I sat on the toilet for an hour or so... when I was about to clean up, I got a shock when I felt something hard & round @ my anus & I quickly shouted for hubby who called for the midwife. The midwife asked if I could walk to e bed, I said no. So they had to check my cervix on the toilet itself but alas, I couldn't open my legs. I was so scared at that moment & I asked them to give me a minute while I try to walk to the bed in super small steps. They checked & said baby's head is very near & I was pushed to the labour room immediately.

On my way there, again, twice, I felt e urge to poo & I pushed uncontrollably. By the time I got onto the delivery bed, baby was already crowning & hubby could see baby's hair. Baby was out within 20 mins between 2-5 contractions... and guess what present did she give me on our 1st meeting??? Poo & pee!!! What a present!!! Hubby cut the umbilical cord for baby, hehe... just like opening ceremony!

Wow!! Couldn't believe my labour was so natural, no epidural, no episiotomy, no induction, etc... Guess I wouldn't make it if not for my "误打误撞"... Now thinking back, it's so painful, I shouted so loudly, hope I didn't deafen the midwife who's standing beside me, so embarrassing!

Everything was such an emergency that I didn't even had the chance to do what I wanted... i) Wanted water birth initally but guess it's not possible since I was bleeding, I even brought my bikini along, kekeke... ii) Already requested for epidural but... no time! Brought essence of chicken, scraf + cd + balloon, hoping to put what I was taught @ the pre-natal class to use but all in vain :(

To think everything was so fast all of a sudden, my cervix remains dilated 2-3cm for the past few days & in just a few hrs, I was fully dilated & ready to give birth, so unbelievable!

Although this is not my perfect dream delivery but I think many would be envious of my quick & totally natural labour :) Guess I won't have the courage to go epidural-free again if I'm planning for a second one... My only regret is that I didn't get to see my placenta. :(

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