Events leading to Jadon's birth

Events leading to Jadon's birth

Tan Teng Teng shares her labour story with

EDD was 11th May 2010 (Tues).

3rd May 2010 (Mon) -- Off in Lieu ie: special company off day (Labour Day)

4th May 2010 (Tues) - Took leave as I was due for the weekly check-up at the Gynae's

(was supposed to go clear up some outstanding issues/final handover in the office on 5th May 2010 Wed before I go on leave)

But then........ exactly a week earlier than the EDD, ie:

4th May 2010 (Tues)

11am : When I was about to get out of bed that day, I felt a gust of wind...... and was telling hubby I seem to have let out some gas but it's from the front... dear Hubby jokingly asked if it was Baby Jadon letting out gas from my womb. I brushed it off but got a bit startled when I discovered the bed was wet......happened that my mum was around that day and told me it's the water bag (it's my first time so I didn't know that was the water bag :-P)

I called the gynae, took a shower and accompanied by both my mum/hubby, we proceeded to the hospital.

12.30pm : Reached the hospital, was told to go to the delivery ward direct and be put on drip but I "pleaded" to be allowed to go for a meal before being put on drip.........had lunch with mum/hubby at the cafeteria. To our amazement, mum brought out a bottle of chicken essence which she mentioned she has grabbed along before leaving the house... haha.... told me to drink it down for "energy" sake...

Then we proceeded back to the delivery ward. Poor mum wasn't allowed to go in with us so she waited at the lounge area but before I was put on drip, managed to sneak out and asked her to go home first as we were not sure how long it would take.... (before that, still told hubby to take a pic of us before I go back in...)

1.30pm : Was given the stools clearance jab (forgot what that's called).. went to the toilet and everything was cleared...... then was put on drip......

2.00pm : There was no pain AT ALL... was wondering why too..... but the nurse who went in and out just mentioned "NOT YET... it shall come soon...." 10 mins later... the nurse came in to measure the cervix opening... and that comes the first pain that I had to endure.... but thankfully, my female colleague already warned me about this..... measurement : 2cm ONLY!!!! (I was told the cervix had to be opened till 10cm for normal delivery to take place)

3.30pm : Was still happily sms-ing with my colleagues, friends and family..... prayed together with hubby too..

4.30pm : Was chatting happily with hubby... talking about all the possibilities and urging him to encourage me to go all natural should my confidence level drop at the later part... Second measurement : still 2cm.. I was starting to get afraid and thankfully again, chunfa was there to comfort me and to egg me on....

5.30pm : Felt something..... the nurse came in to increase the dosage and measure the cervix AGAIN.. the 3rd time..and that was 2.5cm... Oh no....

6.00pm : Oh... I felt the increasing pain.... not to forget the feeling of hunger, coupled with the extreme urge to pass motion.... was told it's not cos everything was already cleared earlier... the nurse mentioned it's the first stage of contraction pain but I again pleaded to go to the toilet... eventually, the nurse agreed.....

As the pain got more intense, the nurse told my hubby and me to use the "laughing gas"... but didn't teach us how to...... so I just grabbed it whenever the pain came.......

7.00pm : The pain was getting more intense........hubby was getting more worried too.. then a better nurse came and thought him how to make good use of the gas... and from that time on, hubby didn't sit down at all... in fact, he did a really good job of ensuring the gas was on me just before the contraction pain came.... (haha... he became rather proficient at reading the meter at the end)

8.00pm : still 2.5cm.. I was really disappointed and the pain/laughing gas was making me feel quite drowsy...... the nurse asked if I wanted epidural... still, I said no..........

9.00pm : The gynae came......told me the cervix is still at 2.5cm...... and mentioned she would recommend me to go for c-sec as my water bag has already burst and delaying may harm the baby......

I was so upset but then, asked to be given another chance and gynae mentioned I have another 2.5hours to try. If my cervix do not open another 5cm by 12midnight, I will have to go for emergency c-sec.

10.00pm : I really tried hard... the 3rd nurse on duty was really encouraging.... and even praised hubby for handling the laughing gas well... what's left for me to do was the pushing part...... Hubby continued to encourage me along and alternated between the laughing gas and talking to me... praying for me etc (really can't imagine having to face this all alone)

11.00pm : I couldn't take it anymore... in my drowsy/weak state, told hubby "if the cervix really didn't open, then give me epidural" .. hubby then asked the nurse how big is the cervix then (can you imagine, i was so drowsy and weak till I already lost track of when the nurses were measuring my cervix... it no longer mattered).....

And to our great joy..... the nurse said "can see the hair already... you can relax now..... it's already 8cm big! The nurse also said "if want epidural, get it for the next baby" phew.. we made it!!!!

11.25pm : The gynae came again.. the final pushing started but... I really had so little energy left.........and.... at 11.41pm.... with a final 3 pushes.... JADON IS OUT!!!!!!


A) Blessing me with a smooth pregnancy and for the SAFE ARRIVAL OF BABY JADON

(Thought Jadon seemed to be smiling widely when placed on me at the delivery ward...can you see it from the photo? haha...

B) For blessing me with a supportive and encouraging hubby by my side during the whole process of delivery .....

(Photo of hubby with our little darling a few hours later)

And ................

C) For giving me the strength to go through the whole birth process NATURALLY WITHOUT EPIDURAL... am so proud of myself for once haha



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