10 top things for Singaporean families to do in KL

10 top things for Singaporean families to do in KL

Out of ideas for your next trip to KL with the kids? Here are some options for you!

Ever wondered what do when planning a Kuala Lumpur trip with kids? Whether it is a short weekend or a week-long holiday, Kuala Lumpur has some pretty cool places to visit with family if you know where to go!

There’s definitely something for every family aside from cheap bargains while shopping to your heart’s content. Water parks, theme parks, animal petting farms and family-oriented outdoor activities are sure to keep everyone entertained while making sure the kids get hours of fun and learning!

We have THE list of 10 top things Singaporean families should consider when planning a Kuala Lumpur trip with kids in tow.

#1 Kampung Dorani Malaysian Homestay

kuala lumpur trip with kids

Picture courtesy of Adventureswithfamily

Do your kids have too much of city life? Do you want them to experience how life is like in a laid back kampung?

Take it down a notch this holiday and give this Malaysian homestay experience a go. Believe it or not, this is actually quite a popular choice for Singaporean families doing a Kuala Lumpur trip with kids.

You and your family can choose to stay on your own or get up-close-and-personal by staying with a local family in Kampung Sungai Haji Dorani and experiencing their livelihood.

kuala lumpur trip with kids

Picture courtesy of Facebook account Kampung Sungai Haji Dorani

But the biggest take home for this place is being able to take a break from technology and just simply enjoying the simple rural life in a kampung.

With huge backyards and open paddy fields, children have the luxury to roam freely, to explore, to go fishing and even to learn how to fly a kite. There will be no computer games, no Xboxes and no endless TV!

Other quiet indoor activities that can be arranged include batik painting and learning how to play traditional indoor games like the congkak.

Serene and surrounded by what seems like an endless sea of green from the paddy fields, one can enjoy the peaceful and quiet kampung lifestyle for a few days. Trust me, it IS healthy to go off the grid for a bit. Book your stay here today!

#2 Petrosains

kuala lumpur trip with kids

Picture courtesy of Petrosains

Petrosains, located on the fourth floor of the Petronas Twin Towers is a 7,000 sqm interactive science discovery center.

Parents with a couple of hours to kill can consider taking their kids here because it is filled with lots of interactive activities that are great for the kids.

But before you make an impromptu visit, it would be wise to plan your trip there as it can get quite crowded on weekends and on school holidays.

kuala lumpur trip with kids

Picture courtesy of Hotels

Altogether there are 11 main interactive showcases, ranging from science to speed to space and even to a land before prehistoric creatures, which is why Petrosains is a popular destination for local schools trips. Weekdays are probably your best bet but they are closed every Monday except when it is during school holidays.

Children as young as four can go. I remember my own kids having plenty of fun with the gigantic LEGO blocks at one of the stations. However, the best age to get the full experience at Petrosains is when children are aged seven to 12. For more information on when to visit and how much tickets are, do visit their website here.

#4 Kidzania

kuala lumpur trip with kids

Picture courtesy of Kidzania on Facebook

I will be shameless and say that whenever we go to Kidzania, I get almost as excited as the kids. Kidzania is the one place we never leave out when planning a Kuala Lumpur trip with kids.

Role-playing is genius, and what better way to have kids experience how working life is than by acting it out? If you think that Kidzania is only for kids, you are sorely mistaken.

Parents can work alongside their kids at role-playing activities or participate in the fun games where they stand a chance to win some really cool prizes!

kuala lumpur trip with kids

Picture courtesy of Wonderfly.asia

Not only does role-playing teach kids about ambitions and jobs, money handling is also a great skill to teach kids as young as four to five years old.

Top tip: Always check their website for promos; you might just get more discounts!

#5 KL Bird Park

kuala lumpur trip with kids

Picture courtesy of AsiaWebDirect

Welcome to the open free-flight walk-in aviary situated at the famous Lake Gardens. This is one pit stop you definitely want on your list when planning a Kuala Lumpur trip with kids.

Hilariously so, it is a “fright or flight” place where kids either freak out or start chasing all the birds that are not caged in.

Children can watch birds feed their young ones and even watch ostriches lay their eggs! Get up-close-and-personal with all the birds in the bird park and see their array of colours. Do take note of their feeding times here.

Top tip: Bring a hat, sunscreen, a battery operated fan and insect repellent.

#6 Butterfly Park

kuala lumpur trip with kids

Picture courtesy of Butterfly Park

Smaller than the bird park, the Butterfly Park is full of fluttering wings! This is the largest butterfly garden with over 5,000 live butterflies, exotic plants, butterfly-host plants and ferns.

Other attractions include Japanese koi fish, freshwater turtles, live insects and a museum with a large collection of butterflies and insects from around the world.

Although not very stroller friendly, the park is small enough for toddlers to walk. Just follow their pace and give them lots of fluids if it is a hot day. 

I find that the butterflies won’t necessarily land on you, but you can always point out the prettier ones as well as other interesting insects that you see along the way. Just like the bird park, make sure you have a hat, sunscreen, and a battery operated fan on hand!

# 7 Farm in the City

kuala lumpur trip with kids

Picture courtesy of Farm in the City

You can’t do a Kuala Lumpur trip with kids and not make a pit stop here because hearing the kids squeal with delight is going to be worth the while. 

Farm in the City is a petting zoo designed to resemble a typical Malaysian “kampong” setting. Being a petting zoo, most of their animals are allowed to roam freely in special enclosures which closely mimic their natural surroundings.

The public can feed, touch and interact with more than 100 species of exotic animals within close proximity. How cool is that?

Top tips: Bring a poncho, sunscreen and hand sanitizer for added measure.

Do check out Farm in the City on their website!

#8 Mont Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort

kuala lumpur trip with kids

Picture courtesy of HappyGoKL

I think that riding is an excellent activity to do with children, and when planning a Kuala Lumpur trip with kids, you can always have a pit stop here for some pony riding. 

Riding these gentle horses teaches children compassion, responsibility and respect towards animals. While some kids might panic and not want to ride, others might show immediate interest and eagerness to ride.

Pony rides are available every Sunday morning 9-10 at the Mont Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort if you’re staying in the area. It costs about SGD5  for a couple of laps around the field, but the smile on your children’s little faces is priceless

#9 Berjaya Times Square Indoor Theme Park

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Picture courtesy of Berjaya Times Theme Park

Imagine 133,000 square feet of fun and excitement with thrilling rides and activities for every age. Am I hearing the parents groan? Despite countless rides for your thrill-seeking kids, there are quieter rides as well for you to accompany the younger ones. 

If this is part of the plan for your Kuala Lumpur trip with kids, just be sure the whole family has a good night’s rest the night before. You’re definitely going to spend hours trying to keep up with the kids ride after ride.

To book or to view more info, visit their website here.

#10 I-City Theme Park

kuala lumpur trip with kids

Picture courtesy of AsiaWebDirect

This theme park has everything for your Kuala Lumpur trip with kids! Flashing lights, a water park, and even a snow walk! If you want one stop for everything, I-City is worth considering. 

Here is the full list of attractions:

  • City of Digital Lights
  • Red Carpet Wax Museum
  • WaterWorld
  • SnoWalk
  • Trick Art Museum
  • House of Horror
  • 5D Theatre
  • Fun World
  • CityWalk
  • Space Mission

Not only can the kids have fun at the theme park with their dads, mums can go and enjoy some shopping too!

For more details click here.

So be sure to check out these options during your next Kuala Lumpur trip with kids! Do share with us your experience and let us know in the comments if you had a great time!


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