Teen killed by falling office chair thrown from flat in Malaysia

Teen killed by falling office chair thrown from flat in Malaysia

The 15-year-old boy was walking from the grocery with his mum when tragedy struck.

Tragedy struck on 15 January when a falling office chair struck a Kuala Lumpur teen dead.

Reports say the unsuspecting teen was walking with his mum after a trip to the grocery on 15 January.

The boy was killed by a falling office chair thrown from an upper floor window of a low-cost flat. 

Kuala Lumpur teen dead after suffering serious head injuries

Local police chief Ruslan Khalid confirmed the tragic incident to Channel News Asia. The victim has been identified as S Sathiwaran, 15, a secondary student in Petaling Jaya.

The teen was walking to the Seri Pantai People’s Housing Project with his mum when the incident happened.

“The victim suffered serious head injuries and died at the scene; his mother escaped unharmed,” police chief Ruslan said.

The case is currently being investigated as death by negligence. 

Kuala Lumpur teen dead

A falling office chair struck a Kuala Lumpur teen dead (Image source: Bernama Twitter Page)

The dangers of high-rise litter

Those living or working in high-rise buildings or estates have a responsibility not only to their neighbours but to passersby.

If you are living in a similar type of building here in Singapore, here are rules of etiquette to follow, to prevent freak accidents from happening:

Keep your windows and balconies clear of hazardous objects


  • Hang birdcages and other decorations inside your flat. 
  • Place flowerpots away from ledges and lined along parapet walls.
  • Arrange bamboo poles in an orderly manner, with only clothes hanging or tied to them.
  • Remove any objects that are placed in hazardous positions.


  • Don’t place objects such as flower pots or clothes racks on window ledges or balconies.
  • Do not throw litter or objects out the window because unsuspecting passersby could be seriously injured or even killed by carelessness.
  • Don’t tie or hang objects such as cooking woks from bamboo poles.
  • Do not position bamboo poles in a criss-cross manner — they could slip and fall.  

Set a good example for neighbours

Encourage your neighbours to take the dangers of high-rise litter seriously. Educate them about the Dos and Don’ts mentioned above.

Emphasise that just because an object seems light or harmless, it doesn’t make it safe to throw out the window.

Remember: as an object falls, it gains speed and force. So an ordinary object can become a weapon when thrown from a certain height. 

What’s more, even if you did check if no one is walking by, someone could easily pass by in the time it takes for the object to reach the ground. 

We can all do our part in making sure our community stays clean and safe.

Sources: Channel News Asia, New Straits Times, Housing & Development Board Singapore

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