Emergency c-section of Krishna boy

Emergency c-section of Krishna boy

"I was so happy to see my boy that words could not describe it," Chippy rajan


I was having contractions at 4am (on 2nd August 2010) and told hubby and he informed mom about it too..After 1hr or so,we reached the hospital and was told by the nurse after checking that I have dilated 3cm which was good to start with..

I was admitted into the labour room and was told that they will be monitoring baby's heartbeat and my contractions through a machine..

I was given the option of epidural(a no-no for me),oxygen mask(cant remember the name though) and 2 other options which I chose oxygen mask.

I remember that every time I felt the contraction I would try not to scream or use the mask which I managed to use.From afternoon around 1pm,I dilated from 6cm to 7 cm..After which,I could not tolerate the pain and kept on screaming and crying though I used the mask which was only a temporary relief..Worst still was I tried to sleep but could not..Nurse and gynae kept coming in every 4 to 5 hrs to see if I was dilating but it seemed that I was not dilating at all..So my gynae decided to opt for C-sec and after reluctance,I agreed to it and Krishna was born on August 3rd 2010 @ 0041..

I thank my gynae for her decisive decision as I found out from my family that the umblical cord was around his neck when I tried to go for normal delivery.

Imagine been in labor from August 2nd 4am till August 3rd 0041...It was a long journey and he is turning 8 months soon & I am glad that he was born into our lives to make it a memorable journey...Love my boy forever...

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